Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Jerusalem United

Harlan Coben

Truer words were never spoken
  Two years ago in Bristol, I had the pleasure of meeting the crime writer  Harlan Coben

At the book signing, he made two quotes that have stuck with me.

 1- A writer with no audience is like a one-handed clap.
  At the moment, I feel like that writer as my e-books  aren't selling well.

 The second quote was:-
  A book is like a sausage, you enjoy the end but not what goes into it.
   In the case of a book, months of writing and editing and unless you make it - you end up with something nobody wants - again, I speak from my experience.

Monday, 24 April 2017

I won't be going on the trip of a lifetime

Israeli news

When my passport runs out in two years, I won't be renewing it. This means there is no opportunity for me to take the trip to Israel. This is the last of the things on my bucket list to go, the only other thing was to bring my final book Aliyah out in paperback and see it on a shelf, but I canned that idea last week.


Night of the Living Dead
This post is not to announce a follow-up story to Zombiewatch - I did that months ago.

This post is about the deterioration of the state of my mental health, after four nights of no sleep, I feel like one of the zombies in The Walking Dead.

Where I once had the fire that fuelled my writing, now there is only a cold dark void - a void that saps what energy I have left to feed an ever growing belief that I was wrong to try to become a writer.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

My goal for the year

I'm not holding my breath
Although it's a bargain at only $2 for over 100 pages, I don't think for one moment my e-book will make the $20 I need to cover my share of the cover price.

Added costs of publicity

What the buyer doesn't take into consideration
I've said at each turn, that being an Indie writer I need to weigh outgoings against the possible income - that's why until last week I'd never bought a cover.

My luxury item

 I knew in my heart when I bought this cover than it would probably not pay for itself this year - if at all - but I wanted at least one nice cover in my stock.

  Even though I only put up half the money - the rest came from my failed GoFundMe appeal - I still need to sell ten copies of the book to cover MY costs.

 You'd think with eight sales platforms onDraft2Digital, the various aspects of Smashwords and the mighty site at Amazon that selling a measly ten copies would be easy, but no book outside the Forgestriker series has sold even five copies in over three years on Draft2Digital.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Going out at the top

The only solace 
The only solace I take at the end of the eight-year struggle is that I leave at the top - in my opinion. 

Having had back-to-back ten sale months is as good an ending as I can hope for. 

I would have liked to go out with a four-month streak of ten sales and with the cover for Aliyah paid for, but that won't happen.

 To pay for the cover, even though I only put half the cost up, I need to sell ten copies. No book outside the Forgestriker series has even sold five copies in three years.

The final countdown

My journey is over
In a few minutes, the Dockland Murders series will be erased from my sales markets.

   Beyond that, only three things will be certain
   1- I won't delete Aliyah as I need to at least make enough to pay for the cover. 
   2- The Forgestriker series will remain as they are the only books that ARE selling.
   3- I will stop writing, that's correct, after eight years I am done.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Back on Smashwords

Strange bedfellows
A sign of how bad things are going for me as a writer. I have added my name to the list on Smashwords
I joined many years ago but never got on with the site, so I left, I've read many bad things about the site but with Google not attempting to stop piracy, what can I do?