Friday, 16 November 2018

Is Grace better than sin?

A decade as a writer.
Is Grace greater than sin?

A good question to ask me after ten years as a writer/promoter. Over the decade I helped writers get sales boosts for their books and contracts. 
In the end, what did I get? Nothing.

I lost a writing contest because someone else cheated, they got a contract and again I got nothing. I was always gracious in losing but after a decade of fighting against the odds I give up.

King Canute could not turn the tide, neither could I fight against people with money to promote books.

The last post

A Homecoming.
That is it folks, the final letter of rejection for my romance
The surprise to me is that I had forgotten I sent to this publisher as it was so long ago.

Now is the optimum time to get your copy before the book joins the others in the trash pile that was my decade as a writer.

Read my ongoing Science Fiction serial.

I was enjoying writing my Science Fiction serial The Word before I had my change of style so we could see the return of the Word.

What was the cause of the change in my writing?

Find out what caused the change in my writing from Science Fiction to Christian fiction stories.

Weebly blog stats.

Some things to believe.
As my left leg has been unable to support me today, I need to accept that soon I will need an EPV to get around.

Yesterday's blog stats for my Weebly blog are believable with 200 readers reading over 300 posts; though the posts read are down, the reader to post ratio has risen again.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

The unbelievable stats.

My Google blog stats.
If I was to believe my Google blog stats; yesterday there were over 4,000 readers for this blog in the USA.

You can call me a cynic, many have and often, but it seems beyond belief to me. I could well be wrong, I have been before, but with all that action there wasn't a sale LOL.

A worst case scenario

No more sales for my book.
The worst-case scenario for putting my e-book online is that the sales stop; that is no problem as it hasn't sold in over five years.

The best case scenario is that readers wait a few weeks and buy the revised version from Amazon or Draft2Digital.

Read my award-winning e-book online

The Chronicles of Mark Johnson.
Treat yourself to reading my award-winning e-book online today. 
This version is an updated edition with a better-edited format than my book of six years ago.

FREE online Science Fiction to read.

The Word.
I am putting my Science Fiction serial The Word online.

I have no idea how long this is going to be as I have been writing the serial for years - on and off - and still see more action to come.

I am not going senile, thankfully.

One less thing for me to worry about.
The verdict from the brain scan I had is that I am not going senile, yet.
My moments of forgetfulness are from stress and old age.

Though I am not losing my mind, it took me some time to come to terms with somethings I needed to do this year, things are some things I will never forgive myself for doing; I can only come to the point of knowing I did the right by my furry friends.