Sunday, 18 November 2018

Charity work.

A kind gesture doesn't have to cost a lot, but it can a lot to somebody going through a hard time, as well I know.

Nottinghamshire mums in 'cheeky' calendar for church struck by thieves - Premier

Nottinghamshire mums in 'cheeky' calendar for church struck by thieves - Premier: A group of mothers in Nottinghamshire have produced a 'naked' calendar to help fund repairs to a local church targeted by thieves.

I wouldn't mind getting a calendar, especially as it is helping a church be repaired.

Weebly only in the new year

Next year, I won't be bringing any e-books out, so if you wish to read what I am writing the only way is to follow my blogs on Weebly and Disqus.

Cancel my subscription

Premier Christianity magazine.
I gave Premier Christianity a fair trial in my opinion; I read four copies before I made my judgment.

I'm sad to say it's turning into another celebrity gossip magazine; last month, Billy Graham's son, Franklin was in the UK, so what did a Christian magazine focus on? Boxing.

This month it looks as if we may have an article on Justin Bieber getting married. I did suggest if they want a culture page, they could do work on church history - I would have been willing to write the articles and taking the photos would have given my life a purpose and a reason to fight my agoraphobia.

A bigger audience for my Weebly blog.

Last night, I tried an experiment, I put links from my blogs on YouTube. The result for Weebly was beyond belief, with only two or three links I doubled the coverage. The secret is to find videos that people are watching, I avoided the gimmicky tubes with millions of "followers" a most of the followers are not interested in what I write about.
While the coverage of posts increased it brought no sales, but that would have been a bonus item, not a target.

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Blogging alone.

My final e-books.
As this year has been the epitome of failure, I decided to bring my last two e-books out in the New Year; both are connected to the title "God walks these dark hills," after this, I will be writing on my Weebly blog and my Disqus page only.

Cheltenham spotlight.

In the spotlight for a while.
I realize what happened to me in Cheltenham was nothing special; I thought I thought that it occurred to me.

I was walking around St. George's square when the lights on the corners met in the sky. Like the Saturn effect, it was going to happen at some time.

Stand your ground

Don Quixote.
On a German writing site that I was on for several months, I earned the reputation by some of the people of being like Don Quixote because the saw me tackling the site's favorites on a regular basis even if I knew I was fighting a losing battle.
I never saw myself as that way; I felt the need to fight inequality and if that meant I stood alone against greater odds than so be it; I did win some small battles and gained friends even if the mighty won the war.

Other people have said that in my writing the can read a likeness to the typical Byronic hero. Again, this could be true.

American Gospel singers

Sue Dodge.
Over the years, it has been my pleasure to be able to talk to various singers, mainly from the UK folk music scene, but this week I had the pleasure of talking to American Gospel singer, Sue Dodge
Unlike some of the TV stars I have met, singers are more reasonable people and appreciate you.

Friday, 16 November 2018

Is Grace better than sin?

A decade as a writer.
Is Grace greater than sin?

A good question to ask me after ten years as a writer/promoter. Over the decade I helped writers get sales boosts for their books and contracts. 
In the end, what did I get? Nothing.

I lost a writing contest because someone else cheated, they got a contract and again I got nothing. I was always gracious in losing but after a decade of fighting against the odds I give up.

King Canute could not turn the tide, neither could I fight against people with money to promote books.