Friday, 12 October 2018

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Keep in touch with the writer in me.
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I am hearing voices.

Am I going senile?
I am not sure if when I heard my name called when nobody called me is a sign of wanting to feel needed or the early sign of dementia.

Project Fear runs amok again LOL.

Brexit will be soon.
The #RemainInEU faction has tried all sorts of dirty tactics to stop Brexit, and each is just another showing of how desperate they are.

We've had the world won't trade with the UK - we have countries asking us NOT to rejoin the EU so they can broker deals with UK firms.
We had jobs will be lost - there is a boom now with firms seeking jobs in the UK.
House prices will rise by over 10% - they have fallen, and more houses are being built creating jobs in the building trade.

 People who think the UK needs EU dairy produce clearly have not tried the cheeses from the EU. The UK has a greater choice and better tasting cheeses than any country in Europe; I should know, I worked on the continent for three years.

The latest from Project Fear is beyond a joke.
According to them, if we get Brexit, the population of the UK will die at 42.
To many this would be a relief as it would eradicate the biggest scam in the UK; the House of Lords; well over 80% of people in the UK would gladly see this establishment which is no more than a group of people paid thousands of pounds a day to do nothing disbanded.

 The House of Lords is the home of the Quango. A Quango is a committee set up with no purpose other than to fleece the pockets of the rich people who sit on the committees, much like the EU Board of Commissions.
The members turn up for a few meetings a month, none take more than an hour at a time, and get paid thousands of pounds for doing no more than sitting in a room.

Scottish Nationalist Party.
 For the record, I have been against being in the EU since it was called the EEC back in the 70's.
 I am also a supporter of the SNP, I believe Scotland should run its own country.
 The only problem is that if Scotland does get independence, the country will be bankrupt within a year making the financial crash of both Greece and Italy appear like a small error in the wages.
 What the SNP are basing their claims on is another oil boom, back in the 70's that was a good tack but now the boom has passed, and they have nothing. The SNP have been in power in Scotland for over a decade, and the only thing they have done is run the country's finances into debt while lining their own pockets. Their leader, Nicola Sturgeon, has a constituency that is known as the crime capital of Scotland, and yet rather than do something about it she wastes money on trips abroad.

If you consider both Italy and Greece, they have a good tourist trade with plenty of cultural attraction for the majority of the year, what does Scotland have? The same can be said for Wales and 
Plaid Cymru – Party of Wales. Not many people realize that the people of North Wales hate anyone who is not from there. Not a way to draw trade in, as for getting there, you'd have an easier task planning a route across Europe than across North Wales.

The more Project Fear object to Brexit, the more they prove themselves a group of numb skulls, and no bigger one exists than Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party. He keeps going on about bringing down the government and forming a Labour government, to do this his party would need to be running a close second in the Houses of Parliament. After the last election, when Labour lost 10 seats to the SNP, they are running a poor fourth having been overtaken by both UKIP and the Green Party.
Even if he stood down, he is over 70, and past the age to claim a pension, for the lovely   Emily Thornberry to take over, the party has no following left after its plans to open the doors to anyone from the EU and take jobs from the workers of the UK; the people the party was founded on. Equally destroying is Dianne Abbot and her ridiculous statements about racism; if anybody is racist it is her. Ms. Abbot is such a risk she had to be taken off the roster for candidates when they went on the road at the last election for fear of making herself look a bigger fool, a hard task if there ever was one.

At the last election, the only reason Labour got as many votes as they did was that they found a way to bend the regulations to allow students to vote twice. These people were lied to the most as Corbyn said he'd cut grants, and yet people in Shropshire and North Wales are complaining of higher prices and grants, and want nothing to do with their Labour MPs.

Thursday, 11 October 2018

The power of the Freemasons never dies.

Unsolved crime in Bristol, England.

In my erotica short story-, the main character mentions a crime he reported. 
I know about the crime, I was the person who told the curator of the theft. Read how the Freemasons covered the offense up on my blog post -

Jimmy Swaggart ministries.

My views on televangelism can be found elsewhere on my blog -; this post is about how I view religion not my religious beliefs.
I have not studied the ministry of Jimmy Swaggart, so I am in no position to posit a view on his way of preaching.

I am a fan of the Gaither Homecoming video series, but to my way of seeing things, they are not about religion as they are tending toward showbiz with many artists showboating and being the center of attention rather than the word of the Lord.

Watching the videos from JMS studios, I get the impression the word of the Lord is what matters to Jimmy Swaggart. For the upkeep of appearances the lady singers have color-coordinated clothing, but that is the case with most church choirs.

I won't deny I find Martha Borg attractive, but she is also a beautiful singer.  In my view, she needs no backing group. Grace Larson is a competent singer, but in my opinion, she's there for eye-candy as she is not even close to the grace of Martha in singing.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Xbox One.

Why I bought my Xbox One.
In the beginning, I bought my Xbox One because I thought I could play some good stealth games on the system. I then found out that I am out of touch with the world of PC Gaming as I haven't had the time for many years to get into a game.

I have the same concentration issue with reading; I have many books I wish to read, but lack the time and concentration to get into the story, as a sad thing for a writer to admit.
I  use my Xbox One now for watching DVDs mainly.

Monday, 8 October 2018

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Book store - Into the unknown with Alan

Now is the month of the Oktoberfest, the month of free e-books before I put them for sale again to prepare for Christmas.

Book store - Into the unknown with Alan

A glorious day for my Weebly blog

The best day of the month.
Today has been a glorious day for my Weebly blog. I do count my blessings as my e-books are not doing well, my blog is my only success this year.

Sunday, 30 September 2018

My Google blog

An amusing story.
One of the reasons I keep my Google blog is it tells me where my posts are being read. For the most part that is the USA. However, recently, a new area has jumped into view "Unknown region,"  this is amusing as it could be anywhere or nowhere.

The cover to this book I wrote several years ago is Lac La BicheAlbertaCanada.