Friday, 25 September 2020

DPD scam

 Check your email first.

Yesterday, 24th September, I was the victim of another scam; someone has hacked the DPD network and is sending fake re-posting messages. I beseech you to run any messages from DPD through a scam alert first, or at least check the address for a scam alert.

I had my doubts because they said they came, and got no answer as my room is at the front of the house, and over the door I can see and hear anyone coming up the drive. They didn't get a lot, but the best scams rely on many people losing a little, so as not to raise the red flag early.

Thursday, 24 September 2020

Christmas 2020 is to be cancelled.

 Santa Claus goes into lock-down.

The latest news about the Coronavirus lock-down/self isolation is that Christmas 2020 has had to be cancelled as Father Christmas is in lock-down.

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Buy from Israel not China

 Israel is the ally in the war against cyber-crime.

If we are to win the war against cyber-crime the west needs to invest its time and money in buying products from Israel as they are at the cutting edge of cyber-security, not from China who are at the cutting edge for cyber-crime. Most electronic devices on the market have some components made in Israel.

The only things China leads the world in are cyber-crimes, human rights violations and animal cruelty. Even at the worst times during the break-up of the communist regime, Russian tanks on the streets never drove over people as the Chinese did to students in Tiananmen Square.

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Cheddar caves to close


It is with a heavy heart that I have to report that Cheddar caves will be closed for the foreseeable future thanks to China and the Coronavirus they designed and spread like the plague. Again, I say forgo buying Chinese goods.

Saturday, 19 September 2020

Could Atlantis have been in Southern Spain?

 Recent scientific evidence gives credence to this theory.

Recently, I have reevaluated my thoughts about the site of the fabled city of Atlantis.

Like thousands of people before me, I thought Plato's description of the destruction was written because he'd witnessed, from afar, the devastation. This is why people think Atlantis is near Greece; ancient texts from countries around the area tell of a great explosion followed by the sky turning black for days. At this time there is a record of the island of Santorini exploding in a massive volcanic eruption that caused a shock wave felt around the Eastern Mediterranean, could this have caused the parting of the Red Sea? The gap in time that allowed the Jews to escape could have been the time it took the shock wave to subside.

There is also records of a port in Southern Spain disappearing in an eruption at the same time, and recent diving expeditions, if not proved definitive proof have given rise to some new lines of thought. Perhaps Atlantis means near the Atlantic, or on the Atlantic shoreline?

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

mi mente es mi prisión

 My mind is my prison.

The years I spent writing where an escape from the drudgery that my life had became; now I am not writing my mind is my prison, and my years of failure as an author are the guards.

I cannot escape, physically, from my life, perhaps that is why I love to watch Spanish TV and films; as my only means to escape a life which has lost all meaning.

Thursday, 10 September 2020

Blanca Portillo

 A great actress from Spain.

While she may not everyone's idea of a beauty, Blanca Portillo is one of my favorite actress from Spain; I first saw her playing a distraught judge trying to save her son from prison in Boy Missing; but she is in her forte in the series Se Quien Eres (I know who you are) again playing a judge.
This time the story centres on the man playing her husband, a dishonest lawyer, trying to convince everyone he has amnesia to escape an abduction and attempted murder charge.
Amnesia is easy to feign for a short, but almost impossible to maintain for a long period, and is probably the easiest defense to crack.


 A Netflix TV series.

I am only watching this series as it has two of my favorite actress from Spain in. Mercedes Sampietro (centre of the group) who is in a top series called If I hadn't met you which is about the theory of the Multiverse, and Charo Lopez from Los gozos-y-las-sombras, Paz Vega doesn't have, in my opinion, the stature to be a leading lady.

The series is about a mother (PazVega) who fakes a kidnapping to get her children away from their father because she fears they will become victims in his power struggle with his enemies.

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Star Trek books for sale

 I am putting some of my Star Trek books for sale on eBay.

As I will not have the time to read all my Star Trek books, I am putting them for sale on eBay

Los Ultimos Dias

 The Final Days

Last month I saw a very good film from Spain called Los Ultimos Dias (The Last Days).
The story is centered about groups of people trapped in buildings in Barcelona after a disaster; the event is never explained, but we are lead to think it is a nuclear event as the people are paranoid about leaving the buildings.
It got me thinking is this how we are becoming abut sneezing and coughing, there are many reasons people cough or sneeze, and few are cnnected to the Coroanavirus; nowadays if you sneeze people treat you like a leper.
I cough because my throat dries up as I cannot breathe through my nose after several sprts accidents. This is also one of the reasons I tend to sneeze, as well as having damaged sinus cavities coming from being in an enclosed area when CS gas was ejected during my time in the RAF which burned the cavity, and also being in a fire three years ago.