Friday, 21 September 2018

Book store - Into the unknown with Alan

Book store - Into the unknown with Alan

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Oh happy day!

A good day for the blog.
Yesterday was the best day for my Weebly blog this month with almost 400 items read by 115 readers. I can't thank you too much, you keep me going.

BBW fans :)

Big is beautiful.
It is only my opinion, but I think ladies with curvy figures are more attractive than the skinny models.

Many ladies are like fine wine, they get better with age.
Love and romance are not only about making love, but they are also about the moments of tenderness.

Weather in the UK.

Now the Sun comes out.

 This is an apt tune for the UK today as high winds and rain lash the country again.
​ I am glad all our furry friends are safe in the house today.

The Isaacs - The Raven

Thursday, 20 September 2018

The end of the ramble

A long day's walk is over.
This afternoon, I went to the specialist to have a word about my new boot, the only way I can get there is by walking for an hour each way. 

It's over seven hours since I left the health center to return and m legs still ache.

I don't expect the pains to go before the end of next week it's hard to imagine that last year I was doing more than this walk twice a week.
That shows how badly my legs have weakened in the last few months.

Off to a good start with Kickstarter

Adult Erotic Fantasy.
This project - is not one of mine, but one I have backed. 
I have considered doing a Kickstarter project for my work, but I had no luck with the several times I tried on GoFundMe.

Amazon UK ratings rise

Amazon UK finally sees me.

For the first time in my eight years on Amazon UK, my ratings have risen more than on

I have still to crack the Golden egg - Canada.

All I Need

A man of Peace

The Christian way.
While my life could be viewed as living in a Christian way, I do not profess to have made the decision to live as a Christian; I am a man of peace, if this is the Christian way, then I am a Christian.