Tuesday, 26 May 2020

EBay shopping

The time has come for me to sell for my profit.

From June 2020, I will be selling on eBay to get funds to buy more DVDs to sell, what I don't invest in this portion from my sales I shall put to getting things I want.

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

My eBay shop is closing soon

More charity deeds
At the end of this month, May 2020, I will be closing my store on eBay for several reasons. The main reason is that I was selling at below market prices to get money for a charity and people were asking me to cut my prices again. Many of these people would later put the books they bought in their shops for massive prices to gauge the customers.
Another reason is that I have little left to sell that I wish to sell. I was going to buy some DVDs when the Coronavirus lock down ends, but I changed my mind after seeing the results of my attempt to help others.
All I can say is there is little, if any honour among the buyers on eBay.

Sunday, 17 May 2020

I paid the price

Selling on eBay.
I am selling from my eBay page to give readers the pleasure of reading books that would otherwise have sat on my shelves and done nothing.

I have injured my back getting these books down from the shelves to the extent I cannot stand without pain, even my Tramadol pain-killers are not having any effect on my pain.

I know certain people are buying the books cheaply only to sell them at a massive profit, but I am not in the business of price gauging by upping the prices on my stock. For one thing, if you ask too much you put buyers off, some people are asking over £200 for a paperback, that is ludicrous to me.
What I do object to is that some people have asked for books but not paid me.

Friday, 15 May 2020

Tomb Raider

Relic Hunter.
Before Tomb Raider there was a little-known series called Relic Hunter. The difference is in Relic Hunter, Prof. Sydney Fox (Tia Carrere) hunted for relics to return them to their owners, or to a museum, like Indiana Jones

Recently, I had to think hard for the name of the actress who played Lara Croft, yet I could name the actress who played Prof. Fox without thinking.

Thursday, 14 May 2020

Wealth before Health

To run a country you need money.
As long as Labour go on about putting money before health, it shows how inept they are, and how out of touch with reality.

Sure, we'd all love to put health before wealth, but we don't get paid the same salaries as footballers, film stars and TV icons, so who is going to pay the bills for services to keep running.

In short Boris can't win, all I say is thank the Lord that Labour don't run the country, they can't even run their party.

My eBay store is open

Despite an injury my store on eBay is still selling.
Last week I had an accident that resulted in an old injury returning, the injury to my left shoulder means that lifting and carrying books is very painful, that is why my orders for books at my eBay page appear to be not going out. I am doing my best, but a one-man show working with one arm is not a good scenario.

Monday, 11 May 2020

A one-person show

As I enter week three of my one-person selling spree on eBay I am left wondering is it worth it?

The ups, it was a buzz seeing the money come in for something I had right for once, even if I sold at a loss compared to other sellers prices. The point is at some of the prices all they have is dead stock, which is why I sold my stock rather than let it not be enjoyed.

The down side is I now have about three days of packing ahead, and the customers will soon be onto me about where the goods are.

Friday, 8 May 2020

No bidding only buying

I am taking the auctions of my books.
The books on my eBay page will only be for sale, putting DVDs for did work, but none of the books got any reaction.

The rush to buy is over, but still the Warhammer books are selling if only one or two a day that suits me as I have so many to pack for clients.
If you are concerned that I am price gauging for greater profit, I can assure you my prices are far below what other buyers are asking.
While you may think your book is worth a lot, you need to remember with the corona virus cutting people wages, and people losing their jobs with the imposed self isolation. It isn't what you want that will sell the book, but what people can pay.
I know I am cutting my throat with my low prices, but rather money in the bank than a book on the shelf, I would rather sell at a loss and know the book will have a reader than put a high price and watch the books sit idle.

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Signed limited editions.

The majority of Warhammer books I am selling on eBay will be limited editions.
I did a check a few minutes ago, most of the Warhammer books going for sale on my eBay page will be signed limited editions, hence the slightly higher price of £40.

Even at £40 they are well below what other sellers are asking, some are asking over £300 for a book

This is the updated list of my books available on eBay

The complete Realmgate wars (10 books)
Soul wars  - Signed
Jaghatai Khan
Lukas, the trickster - Signed
Neferata - Signed
Warlord - Signed
Mephiston - Signed
Sons of Wrath
Imperator - Signed
Betrayal at Calth - can be bought as a double pack or two singles ( The Honoured/ The Unburdened)
Sons of the Forge - Signed
The Purge - Signed
The Seventh Serpent - Signed
Ravenlord - Signed
Tallarn Executioner
Tallarn Ironclad - Signed
Wolk King - Signed
Cybernetica - Signed
Corax: Soulforge - Signed
Scorched Earth - Signed
Honour of the Space Marines

Monday, 4 May 2020

I have a story about the transgender community in mind

Trans is beautiful.
As I didn't wish to offend the transgender community, I have nothing against them, I had not thought of writing a story with transgender characters until now.
This lady is Dr. Lynette Nusbacher, my fave presenter on Abandoned Engineering.

Though Caitlyn Jenner made the headlines, there have been many transgender people who lived in seclusion, none more so than writer Jan Morris who has lived with friend for over 35 years since John Morris had the change.