Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Book store - Into the unknown with Alan

I won't write with an audience in mind again.

Book store - Into the unknown with Alan

When did I chose?

Christian Fiction.
 The man got woken by the dawn's dim light, rising from his bed he shivered and said "October is here, the cold grey sky and the chilly mornings make you have no doubts. I can't complain, after all, it is almost the end of the month."
He pulled the bedclothes down and shivered, and then he fumbled for a hoodie to keep him warm while he boiled the kettle for his morning cup of coffee. Tired eyes searched out his Ipad to look at the time. The gadget showed the time as 07:30, "Lord, this is too early for my coffee; I'll suffer for having the cup now, but I need to get warm before I do my next writing assignment."

He thought, "How many times have I got up and thought I'd write the story, and how many times has the thought died when I think of will anyone read it?"
Years ago he'd been a science fiction writer with a bestselling series; now he had changed to writing Christian stories. He couldn't place the time when he'd decided to change his style, and many people told him that they thought he could sell books in many genres as he was a good writer. That was something the writer found hard to believe as his books that were not science fiction had never sold.
"I never thought I'd end up being a person who watched the world from my window, but there again, I never knew how soon I would become disabled, "he thought. "I'm not complaining, I've seen places I never thought I'd see, and returned to some of my favorite cities, not that the experience was entirely enjoyable."
As he drank his coffee, he thought "Today will be the same as yesterday, and tomorrow. I get up with the idea of writing a story, and then consider what the point is? I'll listen to some Gospel music to pass the time and soothe my soul."

The word of the Lord.

The song is what matters.
  I won't go onto what I think about televangelists if you wish to know what I think of them there are many posts on my blogs.

I can't say what I think of the Jimmy Swaggart ministry as I have not listened to his sermons, this post is more about the music. I concluded that the Gaither Homecoming series is not a religious collection as I thought; it has been aimed to promote individual artists at the expense of others who are equally as good. 

When I began listening there were songs from Sue DodgeJoy Gardner, and Sandi Patty to mention a few of the singers; now the site only promotes David Phelps, the Gaither Vocal BandLynda Randle, and Larnelle Phillips. It has turned more into a variety show supporting colored singers, not that I've anything against colored singers as I enjoy listening to Mary MaryBarbie MasonJamie GraceAlicia Williamson, and Dorinda Clark Cole to mention a few.
I am not the only person who has been turned off from the series because of their promotional attitudes.

I realize that the shows on JMS feature Martha BorgGrace Larson, and Johnathon Larson, but you get the feeling it is the word of the Lord that matters in the service.

Monday, 22 October 2018

I am no longer a night person.

A better sleep pattern is the answer.
For as long as I recall, I've been a night person this did help when I used to chat with friends in the USA and Canada.

Being a night person could be the reason I didn't suffer from jet lag on my trips to Canada too, or it could be put down to my insomnia.

In the last month or two, my life has taken a weird change. The most significant effect is that as I don't chat online, I am no longer a night person; these days I go to bed on the same calendar day as I wake up, not the 24 hour day as before.

Through it all.

I have found redemption.
This year, I did several things that have taken their toll on my soul.
What I did was not wrong, and I did them for the right reasons, but I needed to find a way to forgive myself for doing what I did. It has taken months, but I finally stopped tormenting myself for doing something that nobody blamed me for doing.

My friends and family have often said, "I don't need to be punished as there is no greater punishment than when I blame myself."

The ongoing Science Fiction series.

The Word.
On my page - The disabled writer - the leading character mentions a science fiction series that he recently unearthed from his files.
This series does exist, as yet I have not finished the series; if anyone is interested, I will post the series online.

A romance to get your heart racing.

A Sailor's Love.
The lady on the cover of my romance short story - A Sailor's Love - is the singer, Janey Kirk.

This story has an open ending because if it had sold, I intended to write a sequel. 

For Halloween.

Old Church ghosts Special Editon.
For Halloween why not treat yourself to this special edition of my popular ghost collection -- Old Church Ghosts - Special edition. This selection features the version of my story that was only available to read for a week several years ago on a friend's website.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Writing Christian Fiction calms my soul.

I needed the change of pace.
If I was sanctimonious, I could say I chose to turn to write Christian Fiction as a way of thanking the Lord for the gift of being a good storyteller. 

The truth is that I have no idea why I made this choice, other than I felt my writing needed a new direction as the Science Fiction was not selling, and I had not tried to write a Christian story before. 

I did write my romance ( A Homecoming) with a Jewish audience in mind, something new for me - writing with a target audience - the few sales I did get for the book where in the USA, not surprisingly to me as over 80% of my sales are in the USA.
I can say moving from Science Fiction to Christianity stories has brought a new peace to me, and a joy to writing again.

I have no ideas when my next book will be out as I don't know how the story is going to unfold, it could be over soon, or it could go on for a long time. One thing I do know is I will be doing more Christian stories in the future.

An article could have been about me for Premier Christianity.

Nature photography and the Lord.
One article in this month's issue of Premier Christianity magazine could have been written about me, as I can relate entirely to what the author talks about.