Monday, 9 December 2019

I may take my e-books off Draft2Digital

No great loss to me
Though Draft2Digital has been my major outlet for e-book sales, including my bestseller on the site, Forgestriker which has sold over 400 issues in four years, the rest of my sales mass to one sale per week, so what happened to the rest?

To put your mind at ease, by leaving I stand to lose at the most $1 a month, I think I can live with that loss.

Farewell to Amazon

I am selling only on Draft2Digital in the new year
Yes, it is true, in the new year I will take my e-books off the shelves at Amazon. If this concerns you, some of my former friends would tell me about losing coverage, well, I think I can manage to lose the 50 cents I earn in royalties on a good month from Amazon.
That is correct, my bestseller on there has only sold 24 copies in a decade, and only that many because Holding Richmond sold several copies in a day (twice). That record has not been equaled, even by my Draft2Digital bestselling ebook Forgestriker which has sold over 250 copies in only four years.

Sunday, 8 December 2019


God of the Woods
If you read the blog, you will know I watch a lot of foreign TV shows. Some of the shows from France, Germany, and Austria have pagan themes.
One creature who appears a lot is Cernunnos or Krampus. He is said to punish the naughty children, to maintain the yin and yang of the world, surely he would have to exist in opposition to Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus. You cannot have good if you have no definition of evil.

Saturday, 7 December 2019

A Tactical Vote

Not voting is voting FOR Labour
Remember that if you do not vote, you are not voting for Labour and you are not voting against them. If UKIP was a realistic choice I would vote for them, as I dislike some of Nigel Farage's ideas as I am not anti-LGBT, I may not understand the people but I think we should be free to love who we wish to.

Friday, 6 December 2019

Boris the Liar

                                                    Boris the Liar
The remarks yesterday from Boris Johnson are very offensive to people on council, and not the things you'd expect an educated person to voice.

We are not all Labour voters, criminals and benefit scroungers, that is the type of people that Labour is encouraging to come to the UK from the EU, which is why Brexit is necessary to save this land.

The Labour "safe seat" of Bristol South could fall this year as we are disgusted that despite Labour running the council for longer than most people can recall, this area has not been improved in over 40 years.

No news from the hospital

Southmead Hospital
Another week has passed and still no news from Southmead Hospital, Bristol about my second biopsy. 

The way I see it is one of three things has happened.
A - The biopsy should I have cancer and the hospital is trying to find to tell me that won't scare me.
B- They found I do not have cancer and are trying to find a way to tell me that won't cause me to waste five hours and £5 for a five-minute chat.
C- Even after two biopsies and a scan they can't tell what my growth is, and they are trying to decide what action to take.

The problem is as the information is private, they are not allowed just to phone me, or send a letter they need to speak to me in person.
In the case of A & B just tell me, I can deal with the news.
In the case of C, rather than have another biopsy which is NOT painful and will entail me waiting on a comfortable bed, I would rather have another scan even if it means spending four hours laying on my back in pain. It is now eight months since I was diagnosed as having a "possible" cancer and I think the time has come to see if the growth is spreading.

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Life with Twitter

The ups and downs of Twitter
The upside of Twitter is my comments have gathered over 10K readers each day this week for my page. 
The downside is that despite my significant, for me, growth neither readers for this blog or my e-book sales have increased.

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Welcome my Ghanaian audience

Today's big audience is in Ghana
I know my blog has a huge following in Russia and the former Soviet Blok states, but it appears to be read as much in the state of Ghana in Africa more these days.

Read what is there not what I think is there

Tanzania not Tasmania
I started watching this series on Walter Presents on All4 and I wondered why everyone was talking about the Africans stealing? 
Then I realized my error, I had read the info as Tasmania off the coast of Australia, not Tanzania a state in Africa during the 80s.

Writing tips

A decade of truth opens for you
I will try to not be too cynical as my time as an author has passed, and left me bitter. 

The most important thing I learned is not to be your own voice, I tried and failed to get ebook sales. If you wish to succeed, I suggest you write for what the latest trend is, not for what you think the readers want to read. 

If like me, you win an award you will most likely come in for derision from fellow writers who envy you, that is the least you can expect, I was cast aside by people I once called "friend" because I won this award, even though they were selling more books than I was selling e-books.
The best you can hope for is to be self-published and earn royalties. My bestseller earned me over $200 in five years, not a lot for five years. Most publishers won't even reply to an email from you, and if they do it will only be a generic refusal letter, unless they know you. One magazine I wrote couldn't even be bothered to get my gender correct in their reply.