Tuesday, 16 July 2019

My Magnum Opus.

My final book.
People always say to writers "let your Magnum Opus be a memorable reminder of your style." Well, my final book - A Homecoming Special Edition is certainly that for me. This book is over 200 pages, making it my largest book on sale. It has to be thought of as a bargain as the price ($9) is the same as that of a cup of coffee.
The book not only contains Aliyah, and its sequel, but an exclusive afterword.

Monday, 15 July 2019

My only online link.

I am rarely online.
This blog is the only place online where I write my short stories.
I try to post links on Twitter, but in the end, it is like writing in the sand.

My online presence is limited to buying DVDs from Amazon and musicMagpie, so via the link to Give as you Live I can donate money to the RAFBF
A point of interest, musicMagpie is a far smaller firm than Amazon but donate twice as much.

Extinction Rebellion.

My story of the end of the world as we know it.
Spheroid is one of my least known Science Fiction short stories, yet I think it ranks with my hit series (Forgesriker).

My short story is based on reports I read several years ago in Scientific American. I did try to inquire about further information, but they were more interested in promoting science in the Harry Potter films, than actual science.

Aliyah - the book

I am not hoping to be a bestseller.
My plan is not become a bestseller; the idea for turning my romance novel e-book into a paperback is to attempt to sell between 15 and 20 copies, so I can recoup the outlay for this cover I bought two years ago.

If in doing this, I earn a new rep as a romance writer, I won't complain even if I'll be amazed.

The paperback version of my story complete with an exclusive afterword is now available from Amazon on this link https://www.amazon.com/dp/1521768552?ref_=pe_3052080_397514860

Sunday, 14 July 2019

The Wages of Sin.

The price of a bestselling writer.
I have to laugh, some people say I am a bestseller in the world of Science Fiction writing because I have sold over 850 e-books in my series (Forgestriker).

The only reason for these sales is that to sell, I had to offer them for sale at prices that meant I was giving the books away.  850 sales over five years that means in real terms I earned less than $1 a week for my work, some bestseller I am.

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Captain Fantastic

I am no hero.

Some people I chat to online consider me a hero for battling my Ehlers Danlos Syndrome for two decades. 

I do not agree with them, as far as I am concerned there were two options when I got the news that this was a war I will lose. Either sit in a corner and cry or go down swinging for the bleachers with guns blazing.
I will lose the war, but I have won many battles over the 20 years and seen places I never thought I'd see again, like Scarborough, where I wrote my award-winning e-book. My vacation also provided the background to my bestselling ghost story and the ghost story that won an award in a Facebook writing contest in 2012, Sea Ghosts.

The Getaway

Crime fiction with a twist.
The heroine of the series "The Killing" returns in a new short story.

The Getaway

by Alan Place.
Officer Sarah Lund turned from the sound of the gunshot that told her a close friend had chosen to kill herself, rather than die an agonizing death by poison. In front of her, she saw the crowd of people at the party who were oblivious to how close they had been to being the victims of a psychotic killer hell-bent on destroying the elite of Copenhagen.
Sarah put her hand in her coat pocket to feel for her phone and thought "I saved the day, but I know that won't matter as the force needs a scapegoat for the situation getting this far, and that will be me again. No matter what I do, I get the blame for not stopping things before they get this far."
Sarah was about to throw her phone in the bin went she received a call, "Here it comes," she thought, "The chief wants to praise me for saving the elite, but castigating me for letting things get out of hand."
As she looked at the phone, she saw the caller ID was unknown to her. "Go ahead, caller," she said to the stranger.
The man's voice at the other end said, "Miss Lund, you are in danger. The police will be tracking my call, so listen and don't talk as you don't have time to get in a discussion. You need to leave Denmark as soon as you can, take no clothes as they are watching your apartment, end this call and leave the country without looking back."
Sarah waited until the caller had ended the call, then she put the phone in her jacket pocket and walked to her car; the old Denzel was still in the parking spot outside the Absalon Hotel where she had parked.
Sarah smiled to herself as she realized that her caller had already told her the escape route, over the Oresund Bridge to Sweden. In the past, cooperation between the two countries had been an ensured thing, but since the Swedish officer Saga Noren had shot and injured the Danish police officer Martin Rohde before sending him to trial for the shooting of the felon responsible for killing Martin's son; relations between the countries had become tense.
As Sarah walked to her car, she noticed the car detailed to tail approaching from the end of the street, "Before you make your move, you need to make sure I can't be seen," muttered as she took her keys out and started the engine.
Driving with care, so as not to give occasion for the police to apprehend her, Sarah left Copenhagen heading for the bridge, and freedom. As she drove, she thought, "The Swedes have no cause to stop me, to them, I am one of the thousands of cars that cross the bridge each day; either going to work or going home. Before they act, I will have to have broken the law in Sweden, or be suspected of going to break the law."
At police HQ, the tracking team as predicted where tracking Sarah's phone; "Mobile 3 do you have the suspect in sight, control over?"
The tailing car replied, "Mobile 3 to control; we have the suspect in sight, over."
"Whatever you do, don't lose her, remember she is one of ours, and she knows all the tricks of tailing, control over."
The lights changed to red, and Sarah slowed but did not stop as she approached them. The lights turned, and she accelerated, her advanced driving course paid off; by idling, she had made it possible to get the jump on her pursuers.
"Mobile 3 to control, she got the jump on us; we lost sight of her heading to the E20 turn-off for the bridge; we suggest that the bridge be put on alert as she will be there soon."
"Control to Mobile 3, damn her, now we need to play catch up and try to think like Sarah, that won't be easy as she's a bit of a maverick. The bridge has been put on high alert in case she goes that way: but knowing her, she'll do something unexpected."
The conversation was interrupted by another caller, "Mobile 1 to control, suspect, is sighted crossing the roundabout before the E20 and heading back to the city, what do you wish us to do, over?"
"Control to Mobile, bring the suspect in; we cannot let her escape. You have the authority to apprehend Sarah Lund if possible, over."
"Roger that, control; we are in pursuit."
Sarah smiled as she saw the police give chase, and then muttered, "Now, let's have some fun."
She put her foot down and began to speed up as the police gave chase, then she sped onto the Kystvejen heading for the airport roundabout.
"Control to all Mobiles, intercept the suspect, Sarah Lund at as soon as possible, she is heading for Kastrup airport."
She slowed down as soon as she entered the gates, and began to seek a parking place; after a few minutes, she saw one and parked her car. "Now let the fun begin," she said as she left her vehicle; with the phone in it the driver's glove box.

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Short Story Fiction.

The Albatross.
Everybody knew him by sight, but nobody knew his name, where he came from or where he was going. The Albatross had traveled so long and so far that people believed he had no idea of his roots where, or where he was going either.
One rumor that had started was that his desire was to cross every border before he passed away. It would appear to some that he was well on his way to achieving his goal, but to those who thought they had some idea of what went through his mind, they thought he'd lost so much that he had no idea where he was going, or if he'd ever get there.
At one of his rare stops, someone asked him where he called home, the Albatross replied, "The next area my car runs out of gas."

Monday, 8 July 2019


I may not sell many ebooks, but I have been asked about sequels to some of my ghost stories.
Several years ago, my e-book Sea Ghosts came third in a writing contest on Facebook; since then, I have twice been asked to either extend my short story or write a sequel. 
I did start a sequel, but as my original e-book did not sell well, I put the idea on the back burner. 

Another ghost story that I have been asked to write either a more extended version or a sequel for is Ghosts don't dance; again I have thought of the sequel many times over the years, but as my short story did not do well I did not go further.
The only sequel that I wrote that sold is the sequel to my award-e-book The Dockland MurdersGhosts of Your Past sold three copies within hours of going on sale.

The disabled writer.

I am prepared for more bad news.
My condition may not be as severe as I think it is. My kidney cancer has not caused me any amount of pain over the four years. I believe I have had it. I am prepared to be told that it has spread to my right leg and I may need to lose a part of my right leg as the leg bones have ached for years, and this is a symptom of bone cancer.