Saturday, 19 October 2019

I am selling now on Apple

Apple sales have materialized at last.
Again, to my surprise, my popular ghost story has sold. Yesterday's sale makes it my bestselling ghost story now, even if I don't like it.

It has taken a long time, but finally, buyers have found my ebooks on Apple.
The other sale yesterday that made it a wonderful 63rd birthday was my erotic romance Sexual Explosions.
For a while, I have been thinking about resurrecting my character Lana Pawcel as an authoress now I have no rep to consider. I did mention this in my romance novel A Homecoming Special Edition.

Thursday, 17 October 2019

Let the festivities begin

It is the night before my birthday.
Tis the night before my 63rd birthday, and I am celebrating tomorrow early with some of the gifts that the family has bought me, and those I bought myself.
A night at the Opera.
Tomorrow being my birthday, I will celebrate by watching an Opera DVD.

Kill or cure

Heads you win, tails I lose.
The latest news about my "growth" is that after the biopsy last month, the surgeons are not sure if I have cancer or not, so another biopsy is called for.

The surgeon is trying his hardest to avoid having to operate on me because of my Ehlers-Danlos syndrome that would prevent my skin from healing and could lead to high infection risk. 
I get the feeling this will come to a choice of either let cancer take its course, or risk the op.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Back by popular demand

Welcome readers in Canada.
I decided to continue blogging, for a while, as I have a large following in my adopted homeland of Canada it would appear these days according to my blog stats. 

Canada is my Golden egg to be cracked, as in my decade of writing I have not sold any e-books there.

Friday, 4 October 2019

I did consider trying to make this a paying blog


I have often thought about putting a charge on to read my blog, but what is the point with less than two dozen readers a day when it's FREE. If I charged I wouldn't even get the few readers I get now.

The reason I have stopped using Grammarly to keep the standard of my work up is that it was costing me more to run it per year than I was earning from e-book sales in a decade. For the same reason, I stopped paying for my Weebly blog.

Eight dollars a month for each is a trifle, except when you don't earn that in a year from your sales.

Horny Devil

An offer of a writing contract.
Several years ago, I was offered the chance to write for Horny Devil Publishing in Miami. Since then, I have wondered did I do the right thing in turning them down because their remit is to keep it legal and we'll print your work?

Two years ago, I checked to find out they had gone out of business, but I still wondered if I made the correct choice as I never got another offer, other than scam sites.
Today, I crossed that line with the opening pages of my short story The Unseen Sin, where this story will go I have no idea as this is untrod territory for me, and I have no moral compass as a guide while I write this story.

The Unseen Sin

                                          The Unseen Sin.

The man stood at the edge of the woods looking at the crescent moon, and asked himself, "How did I get here?" After a moment's thought, he said, "I don't know, and I don't care. Now is my time. I won't need to wait to be asked. I will take what is mine and nobody will stop me."

Months ago he questioned Does sin have a price to pay?
Having seen people win by cheating, and noticed the rising rate of unsolved crimes, he decided the answer is NO! Sin does not have a price.
The days of being guided by a moral compass were behind him, never again would he think "How will this affect my reputation?"
Once you cross the line, you can't go back and say sorry. The only way forward is into what Dante calls The Seven Stages of Hell. With a grin, he recalled the phrase from  Nietzsche"Never stare into the abyss for the abyss will stare back."

He laughed, then yelled at the top of his voice, "Abyss I dare you to try to scare me. Do you hear that I, Mark Elijah Johnson, challenge you abyss to attempt to take my soul? I've been to places and seen things that nobody should see, but I came back from there to live, if this is living, another day and fight another battle. So, give me your worst and we'll see how bad you are."
Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his victim shiver with fright. Rachel had known Mark longer than anyone but never had she seen this side of his persona. She knew his fight with the witch, Sylvia, had changed his mind, but she had no idea how much damage the battle had done to him as he locked himself away for weeks when he came back.

Mark sneered, then said, "Rachel dearest, have no fear I assure you that your death will be as a relief when it comes. Our friends wondered how deep your affections are for me. Not even I can answer that question as you never told me, not that it matters now. I can do what I wish with you, and there is nobody who can save you."

Rachel shivered, whether from fright, or the cold she had no idea. She had seen what Mark had done to Sylvia at the abbey and the memory chilled her blood even after several years. "Please, Mark, I have no idea what she did to you, if you have any feeling for me, release me," she begged.

Why am I focusing on Amazon?

Why am I boosting my Amazon kindle e-books?
The reason I am boosting my Amazon Kindle e-books not my e-books on Draft2Digital has nothing to do with Amazon ratings. The reason is that if I get a sale on Amazon I will be paid, no matter how small the amount, whereas I need to earn $10 to get royalty fees from Draft2Digital, which at the moment does not appear to be going to happen until next March at the earliest.

I got the hat trick

No surprises here for me.

There was no surprise for me last month as I went for a hattrick of no sales months with Amazon and Draft2Digital.

I can't recall my last sale on Amazon, and since my science fiction series Forgestriker stopped selling on Draft2Digital three years ago there have been no sales for me, despite D2D expanding by including new sales arenas.

It isn't that I have a hit a blockage for ideas, I have plenty of ideas, but why should I keep writing with no sales?

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Why buy DVDs when I have streaming TV series?

You may ask why buy DVDs?
With so much TV being streamed these days, you may wonder why do I buy DVDs?

There are three main reasons - 
A) - Not everything I like to watch is streamed, and not all I wish to watch is shown in full seasons.
B) - Buy purchasing as many sets of discs with the Give as you Live, the shops I use donate a little money to my favorite charity - the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund.

C) - If there is an issue with streaming TV it is that the shows get interrupted by adverts for the sponsors, it almost like watching the ads being interrupted by series excerpts. I like to watch a film not the ads.

As a sports quote said "I went to a fight, and an ice hockey match broke out."