Friday, 15 December 2017

A Christmas joke

Humour for the end of the year
 I often get told by friends and colleagues that I am thought of as a bestseller

 Authors are usually loathed to tell you how much they earn, I am the opposite. 

 If last month equalled my worst in four years on   Draft2Digital This month has smashed the record. With two weeks to go, I have had ONE sale this month.

 There is no Christmas book for me, if I do get a boost, mine used to be in the Summer months.

 As a bestseller, I earn less than $1 a week from writing. 
 My last $10 payment was in August. Unless things take a turn for the better, I won't see my next payment until February, now tell me I am a bestseller.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

An unseen ghost story

A treat for Christmas
Treat yourself to my best-known ghost story for Christmas

 This collection features a version of my story not seen apart from on a friend's webpage for a few weeks, it is both a bargain and something of a collectable e-book.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Writing romances

Life can still hold a few curveballs.
While the reply from was not a yes, it was far from my usual rejection note.

I saw myself as a writer, I never saw myself writing a romance novel, after all, if you believe what is online, men cannot write romances.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017


I must be crazy
Yesterday, I almost sent my award-winning e-book to a publishing house.  
Before doing the task, I decided to give the book some final touching up with some editing updates. The results of which are I am going to attempt to write a new version of my book, not that anyone would notice.
Hopefully, the new book will contain the award-winning first book, the sequel, a third partly written book and a romantic ending; which if all goes well may lead to another series of stories.
The question remains, will we find the true meaning of the relationship between Mark Johnson and Rachel Stockman?

Monday, 11 December 2017

Saturday, 9 December 2017


How bad can things get?
Usually, at this time of year, I say can next year be as bad as this year?
 After 2017, I am challenging 2018 to be worse. 

 I started the year in debt; ended deeper in debt.
Lost two cats in a house fire
One dog with cancer
Found out that next year I will be in a wheelchair

 About the only thing that has not gone wrong is the doctors have not found another hidden illness - wait - I had a blood test this month that was rushed to the Biological dept of Southmead Hospital, so that could change.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Amazon on the up

I bring news that will shock people who read my blogs. My e-books on Amazon may start to rise in the ratings in the New Year. For the first time in over two years, the e-books are not falling at a rate of 2,000+ positions each day.

I have no answer to the question of why they have slowed their descent, but I am grateful.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

A LinkedIn pro-Israel group

Behind the headlines
I  have opened a group on   LinkedIn with the intent of talking about things in Israel. If you are tired of the Palestinian propaganda fed to the West via the UN, please feel free to join  us in

It's PitMad time again

With not having much to do with writing over the year, I did not realise it was time for #PitMad

This is a time when authors go crazy and pitch stories to publishers, for this year, I pitched the opening book in my mystery romance series or

 A lot of people have asked, at one time I would have answered no, but now if the incentive is there, the answer would be yes.

A life in a short story

On the site Disqus, I am writing a series   of short stories on the page about a man called Alec. 
The character is based on what is happening to me in real life as I fight Muscular Dystrophy. My body may have become overwhelmed by the genetic flaws I inherited, but my mind is still active, that is one reason I undertook the course on Coursera.           
I undertook the course, initially to attempt to write a better sequel to my romance story and Now, I am continuing with the course for a better understanding of the life and times of Israel for my pleasure, and proving to myself that I am worth something as a writer.