Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Will there be more?

Mark Johnson's alter ego
What would turn a mild-mannered man into a crazed killer with a vengeance roaming the darkness of the soul, and out of control? 
Read the sequel to the award-winning Chronicles of Mark Johnson and find the answer - if you dare.

 I have re-released book 2 in the Chronicles of Mark Johnson series; the book should be back on sale onAmazon and Draft2Digital for the weekend. 

  My original plan was for a four-book series, with a possible crossover with the Pat Canella series, but nothing came of the plan as neither series took off.

  I laugh when I think back, I was concerned the series would be so popular I'd be asked questions I couldn't answer.  The only issue I ask now is why did I think the series would be a success?

Facebook quiz

A man of the Internet Age

For fun, I sometimes take a test on Facebook, few of the answers are correct. This answer is as far from my way of thinking as you can get.

 According to the results, I am a man of the Internet Age - a good joke - I have little belief in this age of mass communication and getting less by the day.

  An example - of all the GoogleTwitterFacebook and other networks available - I doubt this post will be read by more than 35 people. Don't get me going about the lack of sales of my e-books considering the vast amount of links.

The Overdale Incident

KAZTV heroine resumes work
After seeing off a zombie threat in Zombiewatch, you'd imagine Carol Caitlin would like a rest, but the reporter is back on the trail of a new mystery. The latest story is now available on Draft2Digital.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Twitter followers

No gain, no pay
I keep being asked to buy "followers" on Twitter.

There is no reason for me to take this action, the 1,850 I have already do nothing to help me.

As a #indie #author I can't afford to pay out for something that has no effect on the sales  of my e-books

A winner?

A long time ago, in a different life.

Yes, the certificate is mine for writing an award-winning story. That was four years ago, and other than my success with Forgestriker, my work hasn't sold. 

Over the years, I had thought what would I do if I won on the lottery? A moot question, as I don't do the lottery, and the chance to win is so small. 

  These days, with failing health, most of my bucket list is not possible. 

   The first thing I'd do is clear the family's debt and buy us a new cooker. Then, I'd buy myself a fridge for my work area. 

   The one thing on my list that could be possible is buying some covers, and publishing a book so that I can see one of my stories on the shelf.
    If my health wasn't so bad, and getting worse, I might have considered a University course for journalism, but age is against me.

No fine is big enough

Lives got taken away
No amount of money can repay the cost to these young people. Their lives got destroyed the day of the Smiler crash at Alton Towers.

 The owners have been fined £5 million, but this is only a tiny fine. The damage WILL be seen once the records of a lack of concern for public safety are exposed. 
Reports say it took over 15 mins to phone the emergency services, and there is a stream of public safety violations to add to the shame of owners. The damage will come with the knock-on effect as people stay away fearing for their safety.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Rick Stein

Disappointments, I get used to them
 I don't wish to meet many chefs, but Rick Stein would be the person I'd loved to have met, as I come from a fishing family. 

In two weeks time, he is at Waterstones, in Bristol, this visit was going to be my birthday treat to myself ( my bd is on the 18th), but unless I get better quickly, my back won't allow me to make the trip.

Out now

Can you keep a good reporter down?

If you are talking about Carol Caitlin of KAZTV, the answer is no. Not content with risking death reporting on Zombies, in Zombiewatch, and barely escaping. She is back with The Overdale Incident, out today on Amazon.


Terrorist support
Make no excuses, the Labour Party of the UK support terrorism. One section supports ISIS, and the other section supports the IRA

  This concept brings to mind many things, mostly the viral video of the ISIS soldier firing a rocket launcher without getting in a clear firing position, and blowing himself up. 

  This story reminded me of my time in Ireland during "The Troubles," there were two stories hard to believe but true. One is about a man firing a launcher from a car with closed windows, and burning himself to death. The other is about a group trying to mortar an Army base, using the mortar from a boat. 

 I know, it's hard to think people can be that stupid, but some are. 

Carol is back

Back from the dead
Not content with fighting Zombies in Zombiewatch, Carol Caitlin is back in action for KAZTV chasing another mystery.

When she hears about strange goings-on at a nuclear power plant, our heroine gets her team in action for another thrill-seeking adventure.