Friday 12 July 2024

Top Gun

 France Vs Hong Kong

In the rollercoaster world of writing a blog, yesterday's news is the greatest number of readers came from France, and Hong Kong with nowhere even close.

Wednesday 10 July 2024


 A sick joke

There could be some genuine GoFundMe pages, but I view the majority of people involved as running a scam, why?
Several years ago, as the result of losing almost our possessions in a fire, I set up a page on the site; within months I had not recieved a dime.
At the same time, a lady in the USA, admitted to having a gambling addiction so bad she could not feed her children, and asked for help to feed them.
Take the current case of the boy missing on Tenerife; he is a drug pusher in the UK, who admits to haven stolen a 12,00 watch from a person in a bar. The girl he was with is so well-known for running scams people won't mention her name. His family set up a page to get £30,000 which is the amount they were told to pay to get him back, and within a week, they had ovr £45,000. 
Did they pay the ransom, no, the mother paid to have the family flown to the island; then complained the police had given up the search - they spent a month searching - if you aren't found in a week, the case becomes a body search.

Will Covid be the death of me?

 Serious medical issues

The headline is no mere hook to get readers; I am truly concerned that Covid could bring about my death.
The reason is other than Covid, I have several serious medical conditions which could well take my life. I have had breathing issues since I contracted pluresy back in 1986; and one of my lungs is not formed as it should be.
The irony here is we think I got Covid when I visited Southmead Hospital two weeks ago, for examination of a lump on my neck, until then I wasn't too bad; since then my health has got worse each day.

A few months ago, a site on Facebook about  Armed Forces veterans did some research into my family history, and found most of the older generation of my family died at around 70; at the time I said to my wife, that is about may age.
I thought I may have the edge as I gave up smoking over 25 years ago, but Covid played a blinder.

Tuesday 9 July 2024

Nicola Sturgeon - The Final Chapter

 The Death of the SNP

The pipedream, a little ironic, of the Scottish Nationalist Party was tht there would be second oil boom as large as the one in the 1970's to fuel Sottish Independence.
The problem with the theory is the oil was closer to Norway than Scotland, and with advances in technology the chasm between the field and Norway was no longer a drawback.
The legacy of Nicola Sturgeon will be as the lady (?) who destroyed the party she represented by her stealing the funds, and costing her country over £500,000.
While she played hostess to conferences her country had a rising crime rate, and an education standard lower than some third-world countries. She cannot claim she didn't know what her huband, chancellor, was doing as she had to authorise any payments.
The promised ferry between the outer islands, and the mainland is so far behind schedule it would be cheaper to start again , than continue with the programme as set up.
At the recent election, the SNP began with 45 seats in Scotland, and ended with 7; such is how little faith the people had in their party after over a decade of misrule, and high taxes.

My worst year

 And it is only July

Without a doubt, 2024 has been my worst year; the bad news never stops, and we are only in July.
The troubles began in January when the Department of Works and Pensions told us we'd been overpaid, and would need to pay back the money at a rate of £75 a week each.
Labour won the rlection which means prices, immigration, unemployment, and inflation will rocket up thans to Nigel Farage.
This was followed by a series of ilnnesses over the course of a month which lead me to contacting Covid.
And now the DWP has told me I need to repay ANOTHER £325 for being overpaid; can the DWP do thier job?
This is not to mention on-going family issues.

An Indipenden review of A Homecoming

 A review from the USA

From reader Keith Parish in the USA:

Alan, as for me, I *very much* enjoyed one of your ebooks (I went to the Amazon link you reference in this post, and bought and read *A Homecoming* yesterday afternoon).
I only have two regrets. First is that I only just now was sent across your path in this life, and second is that I don't know how Jehoiakim's story ends. Rats!! I most certainly did *not* want it to end.
I so very much like his character, what he is trying to do and his struggle to fully understand and embrace what his mission is. It is a good story, Alan and a good start to what I would be willing to bet is still in your head as to what you would really *like* to write about his adventures, his loves, and his nation's struggle to survive (*again*) against all odds. One more thing before I close.
You don't need to worry that you "won't make a difference now" because you already have. You gave me a pleasant couple of hours yesterday as I followed Kim from his office through Milan, to Tel Aviv, and finally Eilat. I could picture the mystery woman (she is beautiful) and feel the grit of the sand on the beach. You have inspired me to find a great story and then, just . . .

Sunday 7 July 2024

Boycott Disney

 A Disgrace to Walt's legacy

Reading that Disney ferried children to Brian Epstien when they knew they would be raped, tortured, then murdered has turned me off buying any more films from the firm; I realise my actions won't mean a hill of beans to them, but I cannot condone such a crime spree by buying their films.

Facebook deny the truth

 Professor David Bellamy

Two weeks ago Facebook flagged one of my posts as misleading, and threatend to block my profile if I sent anymore misleading posts, not that I am bothered.
Yesterday, they flagged a post by Professor David Bellamy as misleading when he said "The ice capd have been melting for thousands of years, and will do for cenuries to come; there is nothing we can do about it."
That is not conjecture, it is an established fact of science.

The only way to stop the process would be to stop the Earth rotating, and that would cause more problems than it solved.

Seattle Power outage

 Not online

I was altered to the power outage in Seattle by my friend, and former editor, Julia, who apologised for a delayed reply to a Facebook messenger reply I sent her by saying she had no internet connection two days ago


 Not Laryngitis

For weeks I have had a sore throat, which I thought was Laryngitis, in the last two days I doubted this as my throat was not reacting to any medication I took; the reason is I don't have laryngitis, I have Covid.

How do I feel? No worse than having a sore trhoat.
The amusing aspect of the issue is our youngest daughter, shown here, always said "If anyone is going to get Covid it will be dad, as he has numerous health issues." She is right :)