Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Deutsche Bank crisis

Germany goes back to 1945.
At the end of World War 2, the German economy was in such a bad state people took their wages in a wheelbarrow as the Mark was worthless.

With the latest news from Germany, the country is going to be going back to those days. Anyone who is against Brexit is stupid as the German bank is now 250 Trillion pounds in debt. If we Remain in the EU I have no idea if these debts will ever be cleared.

As soon as Brexit was mentioned the German press announced that the bank was heavily in debt, people online told me that I was silly talking about the largest bank in Germany going down. The mews was strengthened when Angela Merkel begged Theresa May to have a trade deal, she said if we did come out Germany would have to lay off over 750,000 people.

One of the problems is Germany has no tourist trade, but the main issue is that since the fall of the Berlin Wall there has been a constant flow of Germans leaving East Berlin for the West when you add the thousands of  Muslims that went there in the last three years you have the mix for a failure of the most catastrophic kind as we are seeing now.
The basic cause is you have all those extra people but no jobs for them, so they are expecting services, food, and other items but are not putting anything into the economy.

No bank lays off over 180,000 and fires its chairman unless it is in dire straits and that is what happened at Deutsche Bank this month.

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

DPD Local

They are NOT the fastest.
DPD makes the claim to be the quickest delivery service, if that is so may the Lord help us. 
Three days ago using the Give as you Live app I bought a DVD/ video recorder. I was informed by DPD that it would be here by 16:40 tonight, it is now 21:30 and there is no news of my parcel.

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

I wonder if I will get royalties from Draft2Digital this year?

I need four ebook sales this month
If I can get four ebook sales this month, I can pass the $10 minimum required to get paid some royalties by Draft2Digital this year. What a pleasant Christmas present that would be for me.

Pinterest pages

To get an idea of some of the things I enjoy why not take a peek at my pages on Pinterest.

You did it again

Mass appeal in the USA.
I was about to stop this blog this week but again, readers in the USA have come to the rescue for now. I have always had a strong following in the United States that is why I have been told I write like an American, and as you may notice I use an American keyboard spelling.

One reason for this is that over 80% of my ebook sales on Draft2Digital are in the USA. I don't mention my Amazon sales because after over a decade on there I have sold on average three ebooks a year.

Festival of Brexit

Save the NHS.
To me, the most important task ahead is to Save the NHS, not have the Festival of Brexit. The NHS was set up in the years after World War 2 by a Labour party that cared for the working-class people who were its supporters, unlike today's Labour party. 
The NHS is the pride of Europe, if not the civilized world, that is why we have a Muslim explosion in the UK, ironically as Muslims hate the western values we keep.

Premier Christianity and the assumption

Just another TV magazine.
For several months last year, I subscribed to the magazine Premier Christianity, the reason was I had done things that year that I could not forgive myself for.

After reading several issues, I can say I have not seen a magazine that calls itself Christian that has fewer religious items in, to me, it was no more than another TV magazine that promoted celebrities.

Last month, October, they made the assumption that because I had not told them I wanted to stop the subscription was ongoing. The took the money, which I need for medical costs for my disabilities from my bank account, and when I queried the deduction, they said, on October 7th, I would be reimbursed by the end of the month. They never stated whether they meant October or four weeks, both have now passed and I am still out of pocket.

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Is it worth blogging?

Does anyone read this?
About a month ago, I did a blog entitled "Is it worth blogging for 100 readers?" 
After that, I went offline for a few weeks as I evaluated my blog and I only returned because I had a surge of readers from the Nederlands followed by a surge from the UAE & Qatar.

At the moment, I am blogging to about 20 readers.

Friday, 1 November 2019

Charity work

Four anthologies sell in one night.
Four anthologies I am connected with sold last night; two are from the Peacock Writers selection the third book for a charity that sold is Angels Cried written in aid of the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012.
The fourth book (Short story anthology) is an anthology I was asked to write for, despite sales of the book none of the writers have seen a nickel.
I know the sale of these books will not give my e-books any help as they have not in the past; the only help I may get is a rise in my Amazon ratings for a few days.

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

All Souls Day

Friday 1st November 2019
In a strangely ironic way, it is fitting that my second biopsy should take place this Friday as it is All Souls Day; the day when the people who have died and had nobody to pray for their souls are having prayers said for them.
Perhaps, this time, I will get to know if I have cancer or a benign growth that is not serious.
No matter what comes I think I am prepared to face the answer.