Saturday, 20 January 2018

I am versatile

I am not sure if being a multi-genre writer has helped me.
Readers who have followed me for years will know that I earned reputations for writing in several genres. My earliest reply was for supernatural/ spiritual stories, later came crime, and finally science fiction.

I am not sure if this is a bonus. My Amazon bestseller is fiction based on a Victorian mystery. The only book to get a 5-star rating is based on a spiritual adventure.

Noire review

Pat Canella
This is a genuine review written six years ago, about my first e-book.

A quick review
With his native Yorkshire dialect, Alan Place has quite cleverly captured the personae of P.I. Pat Canella – which only goes to show that a man in his sixties is quite capable of cross-gendering his writing to become a young, attractive female police inspector.
In RETURN TO OHANDSWORTH, Mr. Place writes one in a series of stories of his protagonist, gritty Patti Canella. Forced to take a leave of absence after shooting her crooked partner, Patti takes a bus home to the dreary and unexciting country town of Ohandsworth, presumably in Yorkshire in the North of England.

The bus breaks down halfway home – and Patti is stranded in the heat of the countryside. Never one to sit and wait for other to take charge, she immediately leaves the bus in search of alternative transportation in order to help the other passengers.

Her search is fruitful – but someone else is out there. Someone not alive. Perhaps her guardian Angel, Dennis?
Mr. Place has a way with words, putting together a believable and vibrant characterization of his Pat Canella. She is gritty, strong, defiant and "in-your-face" – able to down any male opponent with skill.

This particular story has been edited and is, in my opinion, an enjoyable and memorable read. If Mr. Place ensures his other works are the best they can be before uploading them (i.e., proofing and editing), I am certain the readership of Bookrix will find them to be fun-filled and pleasurable escapism.

Did I leave that group all those years ago? My who those six years passed, some slow and some quick, as for Ms. Canella…/5-Noire.html…, the less said, the better.

 However, there are some serious discrepancies in the review.

 PI would mean Private Investigator if the reviewer read the story that would be clear to see, as there were no female Police Inspectors in the 1940's.

The tone and language set the time in a date when men treated women with disrespect, again this is obvious to the reader.
A Police Inspector would never hit a junior officer, let alone in public as Patti did.

 And I set the story in a fictional town in the mid-West USA, not my native Yorkshire, the language idioms of the story would have told the reader this.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Hebrew University

In the near future, I hope to enrol at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, as an online student.

 At the moment, I am undertaking studies in Jewish culture and history to enhance my upcoming extended edition of my romance - A Homecoming If things go well, I hope to run a series of stories about Israel.

 To further my understanding of Jewish culture and philosophy, I have ordered the first books for my course

I have lots of ideas

I have lots of ideas for stories, many can be found on either pages on here, my other blog, or on my page on Disqus

Beset by problems
One of the problems I have is that as most of my e-books / have not sold, I have a weak sense of my value as a writer.

Writing is hard
Writing has become hard for me this year, not only mentally, but physically as well, as most days I have my wrists strapped as a result of my disability.
I did consider the possibility of buying Dragon software to aid my writing if my books were selling the £150 could be seen as an investment, but at the moment I see it as one more waste of money in a series going back two years. This year, I can not afford any luxuries.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Blogging is going well

Indie Writer
Honestly, I have no idea why my blogs and are so well read.
My only explanation is that from the start, I never intended them to be book blogs, or about me. Sure, I use them to air my views, but I rarely put personal items on them (other than about my health).

Writing for Facebook

Advertising a job that had gone
Last week, I applied for a job via LinkedIn; the situation was a content writer for Facebook. 
I realized that with few qualification, I have little to no chance of even being viewed, despite being a good writer.
The joke is that although the post was put out in mid-January, the job application needed to be in before Christmas.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The Teddies abroad

Furry friends go to Israel.
To date, I have not written a children’s story, though I used to write in an anthology for our Charity.
I have the idea of writing about two furry friends who go to Israel to meet another friend.

My bestselling ghost story

North Yorkshire ghosts

I don’t check my Amazon UK page for sales, as they are rare. Today, by accident I did, to find that my oldest / bestselling ghost story has sold again.
I have been so intent on pushing my new book / that I forgot there could be sales for other e-books.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018


                                      Getting strapped up

Yesterday, I was offered the opportunity to have my book / published free on a subsidiary site of the firm that made the original contract offer last week. 

I have been considering enlarging the original story and extending A Homecoming, as to understand the second part of the story, you would need to read the original book, and I found out the hard way that this is not always a good plan.
For some time, I have considered getting audio software in case my wrists could not be relied on when I write. The time is now, most days I have both wrists in supports as my EDS has weakened the joints to the extent that I cannot pick up a cup.
As I have a publisher in London who is keen to publish my book and its possible sequel, buying some Dragon software could be seen as a good investment or just another waste of money.
I do not get a significant allowance for my disability, but then again my needs are few.

Monday, 8 January 2018