Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The Cursed

Are the woods safe?

I'll be releasing a Paranormal Romance later this week. 

Can Donovan defeat the family curse or will his brother Dominic's dark side doom the family to fulfill their grandfather's prophecy? Read The Cursed to find the answer.

Monday, 22 August 2016


Buy British

One topic on the Brexit menu is how we will cope without the cheeses from the EU? 

For myself, I can say that leaving the EU won't affect me at all - I have fond several British kinds of cheese I like.

One of my favourite brands is Hodgetts; this is a small firm in Worcestershire that makes tasty cheeses for all tastes. Another British cheese I like is the Cornish Yarg

If you are wondering about my taste for European cheeses and have, I tried them? I have tried many European kinds of cheese, and the only ones I liked are Bavarian smoked and Emmental. The problem with Emmental is that like many things from Switzerland it is very expensive.

A boom on Amazon

The Return of the Ghosts
This month has been a boon for me on Amazon with three sales of ghost stories. The popular story The Ghost of St. Mary's has sold again.

The second of my two earliest stories to sell is The Rocking Lantern, which until this month's sale in Australia hadn't sold.

The third story to sell is my telling of the final days of Sir Percy Fawcett in Did we see him?

Saturday, 20 August 2016


  An economic choice

 I keep getting emails from  www.labourleave.org.uk/    based on the premise that because I voted for Brexit  www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/aug/20/brexit-eu-referendum-economy-project-fear, I had to be a Labour voter. I hadn't voted Labour since the days of the Miner's Strikes when the country was held hostage.

 I guarantee, the last party I'd vote for is Labour.Jeremy Corbyn is hand-in-hand with the IRA, and his opponent Owen Smith is hand-in-glove with ISIS.

 Any right thinking person would never vote Labour again.
  When I vote, I vote www.conservativehome.com/. I say again, when I voted #LeaveEU, I voted for what I thought was best for the #UK; my choice had nothing to do with politics - I voted out in 1973 - when I did vote Labour. My choice was an economic decision.

Acceptance is the key

The three steps of realization 
It's hard for me to recall that at one time, writing was my drug; I couldn't go more than a day without writing a story without feeling on edge - now I can go weeks and not care.

What caused this change of heart? 

The first thing that ignited the flames of doubt and realization was I almost had a nervous breakdown four years ago. In the days before I won the award (shown above), I was writing over 10,000 words every week with ease, and I feared I'd burn out. A close friend ordered me to take a break, as she feared I would have a mental collapse if I didn't stop writing. 

I had my break and returned better equipped to write. 
Two years ago, I made the conscious choice to slow down, not for fear of a repeat episode but because I realised there was no point in pushing myself for a few nickels and dimes.

Step 1 - I realised that despite what I thought - or was told - there is little hope of getting anywhere, even if I am a bestseller (other people's view).

Step 2 - I needed to separate my sub-conscious mind from my conscious mind.  At the time, my mind was filled with stories brought on by vivid dreams that I planned to write up. This thought pattern I succeeded in doing to the extent that my ideas are rarely recalled for more than a day or two.
Step 3 - I realise now, no matter what I think of my worth as a writer or my work - it doesn't matter. I came to understand that worrying over something that I have no control over like sales is a waste of time. 
In the long run, I stopped caring, one of the primary reasons for this condition is that over the years I have been lied to so often, I no longer believe it when people say they'll buy my books.

Spanish Plume

They got it wrong AGAIN!
If you or I got our jobs wrong as often as the weather forecasters do, we would rightly get sacked for incompetence. And yet, the BBC retain these people who continue to forecast heat waves for the UK this summer.
I have news for them, we are now in the back end of August, and it feels like November - where is the promised heat wave?

Friday, 19 August 2016

Avenging Angel

Only available from Draft2Digital is my new sci-fi story; I hope to turn Avenging Angel  https://www.draft2digital.com/book/150338 into a series if sales are good. Ladies of the night have a new friend, and the people of Kedgetown are on the lookout for a vigilante - or is it an angel?

The big $300 series

The hits keep coming

As much as it pleases me to see my series http://alsdomain.weebly.com/forgestriker---the-hit-series.html reach $300, I get greater pleasure knowing that the sales last night were over the series, not just Forgestriker. 

The 700 sales target http://alsdomain.weebly.com/at-the-blogstop/will-the-700-be-reached is still ahead, but now I have hopes of reaching the end zone for my birthday in mid-October.

World Photo Day

In a past life

The photo on the head of the post is one I took in Lac La Biche, Alberta, Canada http://www.laclabiche.worldweb.com/. I took the photo on the last evening I was in LLB, in Nov 2009. Like many of the covers of my e-books  www.amazon.co.uk/-/e/B0076M5BNG /   
alsdomain.weebly.com/barnes--noble.html it is from my selections taken over the years.

 In the past, I did make a little money fromPhotography. My first venture was for the Drama club at RAF Lossiemouth for my friends, and my last venture was for the final Bridgnorth Folk Festival  alsdomain.weebly.com/free-reads/bridgnorth-folk-festival. The festival is still running, but it became so popular it had to move to Shrewsbury  shrewsburyfolkfestival.co.uk/.

 While Bridgnorth flourished the Cheltenham Folk Festival  I used to attend has been forced to cut back to a shorter event  www.soglos.com/music/37729/Folk-Three-Festival-at-Cheltenham-Town-Hall.

Shorts only

What is the point?

I know that I'm more than capable of writing stories over 35,000 words long but why should I?

When I wrote my award-winning e-book  www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B008BEDMSO, and it failed to sell after three months - I said part of the reason is the present reading public doesn't have the attention span of previous generations because of video games.

 This situation is the root of my series "The Word"  hereiamattheedge.blogspot.co.uk/p/the-indie-wars.html#.V7bmik0rLnA

 Four years later, I stand by my words as I take another longer read off the shelves - A Sailor's Love - took over 14 months to write, and despite some friends of a friend saying they'd buy a copy; over a year later not one sale has taken place.

 This post 
alsdomain.weebly.com/whats-happening/the-lie-continues#.V7boR00rLnA from three years ago is as valid now as it was when I wrote the article; the only difference is that the time in between has hardened my views, and I couldn't care if my work is bought.

 I decided to write only short stories because what is the point of dedicating my time and talent to a story nobody will want?