Friday, 6 November 2015

Smoke me a kipper

Red Dwarf 
The title comes from an episode of the #scifi comedy series The quote refers to a time when Rimmer met a Rimmer from another dimension, which was entirely opposite to the character in the series. 

Although a comedy series that doesn't take itself too seriously, the series did cross into Quantum Physics with this episode. There is a theory that for every choice we make, a universe gets created for the opportunities we didn't take; thus creating an endless multiverse. 

This concept may sound incredulous but consider my life. I get up from my chair and go to my door, a left turn takes me to the bathroom - a right turn takes me down the passage. At this point, I can go up the stairs (I don't do this too often as I am physically challenged), or I can go to the front door. At the end of the drive, I can turn right or left, each turn creating a new world and each turn I don't take creating another world. 

If you read the blog, you'll recall one of my favourite tv series is By definition, the series is concerned with unrecognised sciences and one such science theory is the existence of a multiverse. 

Deja vu
Deja Vu is often thought to be the collective memories, or senses, of a past life. The feeling we've been there but we know we haven't. In #Fringe, the character of Dr Walter Bishop purports the theory that Deja Vu is not the collected memories of a past life but a glimpse at another reality. 

There are as many sceptics as believers, I am a believer, I have witnessed Deja Vu. Whether you believe it or not, you can't deny the possibility of its existence. 

Children are the best people to receive messages from other worlds; their minds are free from prejudices and fear of the unknown. I have witnessed many things I can't explain, being cynical I could put them down to luck.

Although I have no scientific background, I firmly believe in the theory of the multiverse and an alternate reality. I have an open mind in many ways; while I cannot prove the existence of the Loch Ness monster
- I do not discount the possibility of its existence. 

More commonly known as Big Foot
exists in the woodlands of Northern USA and Canada. A film crew filmed what they thought was a hoax a few years ago - but after reviewing the footage and the evidence they decided no person could have run like the creature in the film. 

Footprints were found and the length of stride was greater than possible from a human with stilts. The creature ran with ease while a person with stilts would have wobbled a lot at the speed filmed.

Consider this theory, it also applies to the Yeti in the Himalayas. A creature born in the cold develops a fur that over time turns to match its environment (consider the chameleon). Left alone by man, this creature thrives and lives in peace. 

The Loch Ness monster could originally have swum into the loch via the Caledonian canal many millennia ago
, and with the land moving it got trapped. With no escape, and no natural enemies this creature has thrived. Obviously, I cannot prove my thoughts but they are a feasible explanation to natural wonders, man has yet to fully explain. 

My thoughts
Many things I don't yet understand, I shall believe in their existence until someone can irrevocably prove me wrong. To outright deny their existence is to deny yourself the opportunity to grow. 

I can't recall the scientist's name but one recognised scientist recently made the claim that Earth is the only populated planet in the universe. That to me is both arrogant and stupid, we don't understand our universe. A few weeks ago the Hubble telescope received data from inside an unknown sector of our galaxy that could explain the big bang theory. 

I do believe there is life in the galaxy beyond what we perceive to know. There has to be, when you consider the pyramids, the Nazca lines that from space look like runways.

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