Monday, 2 November 2015

It's amazing

I never know how much I was writing.
When I was writing my award-winner (shown here), I never considered how much I had written for my friends; until I decided to put the stories in a collection. 

Both this book and its sequel Wharfemere Finale contain several stories of over 2,000 words per story. It's amazing how much I used to write when I was In the Zone.

The Word
 Another example is my online serial The Word, for 14 weeks I wrote over 1,000 a week. 

 I had the same situation with my fantasy stories about Mordhiemicus. This story started out as three stories with no connections, I decided to join the stories and found I had written over 20,000 words for the selection with the same amount required to join the segments into a cohesive whole.

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