Saturday, 14 November 2015


Why not write for free?

Being paid to write
 The idea of paying to read my stories appears to be an alien concept to my readers. While I write my blog, and it's FREE the blog will continue to thrive.

For the last year or two, I have considered and rejected the idea of putting my stories on here FREE. If not to you, my time is valuable to me. 

Why write for free?
 Let me be brutally honest with you, despite what my friends may tell me about being one of the best sci-fi writers they read - writing does NOT, nor will it ever pay. In 18 months, I averaged less than $1.50 a week, and this is considered good. 

Now, you can see my dilemma; writing doesn't make my time worth the effort, on the other hand, why should I put it on here FREE

This blog gets over 300 readers most days, but this leads nowhere. I asked myself many times - Is it popular for its variety, or because it's free? 

My friends will say variety is drawing the readers in, I tend to the latter - people will read almost anything as long as it is free.

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