Thursday, 12 November 2015

Do you believe in miracles?

After the goldrush
Now the rush of sales for my series has all but dried up, I am in dire need of a miracle to stop this month being my worst :(

 As always, I have lots of ideas but after the mass rejection of the mass of my work, I find it hard to drive myself to write. Other than this blog I haven't written anything for so long I forget the last time I got involved in a work. 

I still put a lot of my present doubt at the door of A Sailor's Love, the book took over a year to write and didn't sell a copy. Only the title book of my series has done any real sales. 

Miracle cure
 Another cause to my dilemma is the constant upsets to my routine caused by numerous council officials. It's hard to get involved when you keep wondering when the next visit/ disturbance will occur.

I need a miracle, but I don't think I have the energy to find one. Forgestriker was a one-off hit. Among other things, I need to accept is that as much as I love writing ghost stories, old-fashioned spook stories are dead.

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