Thursday, 5 November 2015

Changing direction

A sad day for me
I had hoped to use this scintillating cover for the sequel to my prize winning ghost story Sea Ghosts but nobody bought the original story, even though it came third in a Facebook writing contest in 2012.

Ghost stories 

Once upon a time, ghost stories were my genre. I gained a reputation online for writing good, scary ghost stories; sadly the difference between reading free stories and getting people to buy them is a huge divide. To emphasize this point, I bring to your attention my blogs, although my old blog on Weebly was very popular with the readers, it brought in no sales. It cost me $9 a month to run, that is not a lot, but it's all I clear after tax with my sales.

It is with a sad heart, that I close the book on this genre - I still enjoy writing ghost stories - but what is an entertainer with no audience? 

Cover image 
 The picture is so beautiful, it is a shame not to write a story to fit the image; perhaps in another time I might attempt some ghost stories.

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