Thursday, 12 November 2015

Arrogance is my downfall

A chilling but true fact
I never considered myself to be arrogant - most of my friends would say I'm too self-deprecating to be arrogant.

Does the situation go back to my school days? Since my days at school, friends have told me that I can tell a good story, at first I thought nothing of the comment. 

In later years, I chased the dream of being a writer. For over 40 years, I held onto those comments and I think this lead me to believe people might be willing to pay to read what I wrote - wrong!

My blog is the proof of the pudding as we Brits would say. The blog gets over 300 pages read every day and yet nobody is willing to pay less than the price of a coffee for my work. To me that says it all - if it is FREE - people will read what I write.

 In over 18 months, my series has sold 580 e-books. But, only the title book did well, the rest of the seven book series failed and what of the rest of my 30+ e-books? Between them, they have sold less than my bestseller

The bottom line
I finally accept I was conceited to think people would pay to read my work. Hell, I can't even get a story in small press e-magazines.

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