Saturday, 14 November 2015

An interesting concept

Back from the brink

When you're down - which I am at the moment - you tend to get stranger than usual ideas and in my case, that says a lot. 

Last night I was chatting with some good friends about my decision to declassify myself as a writer as I haven't done anything more than this blog all year, and I am not worried - which would usually worry me.

During our chat, the subject came to mind that I almost died in my sleep two years a short story called Death of a newshound has been written about the night.

That's correct this harrowing story is free on Draft2Digital. I must warn you, my friend Julia who read the story, asked me to change a few things so my friends wouldn't get scared. Such is my talent at writing, even now, I write so well I can scare people who know me well.

The night in question came at the end of a week when I almost choked to death twice, and I was worn out from the lack of sleep.

Why am I still writing?
Yesterday, I said I had quit writing, so why am I writing today? The answer to the question is simple - like me - nobody cares what I write, so I thought why not continue.

Brendan Behan
Irish poet Brendan Behan once wrote The only bad publicity is your obituary. 

Last night's chats brought to mind the thought that many writers sales get a surge after their death. Perhaps that evening was my chance at being recognized for my writing, and again I missed the opportunity.

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