Thursday, 12 November 2015

A convergence of cats

Puddytat rules
The Puddy tat state of the non-convergence of cats is that no two cats can occupy the same cuddly item at the same time.

However, some of the cats - Ninja (sitting on the back of my chair) - try to push this rule aside. 

Two nights ago, he attempted to lay in the warm spot to the right of my shoulder, only to find Bess was there. Brave as he is - or so he would have you believe - even he isn't brave enough to take Bess on, so he found another cuddly space to sleep.


The cat on the chair arm is my beloved Smudge, we thought we'd lose her a few months ago. She came in one night bleeding profusely from her nose. With each breath she lost more blood, I was worried she had a serious injury and her lungs had been compromised. After taking her to the vet's it was found to be no worse than a bad nosebleed, perhaps she'd had a run-in with one of the foxes in the area?

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