Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Re-writing a classic

Chronicles of Mark Johnson
Award winning book
 Last week I started to edit my award winning e-book Chronicles of Mark Johnson

 While checking the stories with Grammarly, I found numerous errors. This is the problem when you decide to go back after improving your style - and my styling has improved radically - with the help of my good friend Julia Petrakis

Sales record 
 You may question the validity of re-writing an award-winning book after three years. The editing is validated by the fact the book has had no sales since the award in October 2012. 

This triple book edition will be a better-composed edition of the first two series of stories, plus a series that is in the work-in-progress stage.

Nothing to lose 
 All I have to lose is my time, and being disabled and not being a TV addict - I have a lot of time to use.

Will the effort be worth it? 
 Only the readers can decide. As for me, this is the final act for a story I loved and wanted to succeed.

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