Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The pull of the seas

 Many of my stories are set on the coastal regions of England. I grew up on the Yorkshire coast north of Scarborough and use the area in my various stories as I have great memories of nice times, even before my last visit in 2010. 

 Many sailors will tell you they don't feel at home on land and can feel the pull of the sea in their blood, I can well believe what they say as I am at my calmest near the coast and love nothing more than being out on a stormy day watching and listening to the waves. 

 I am not sure which element is connected to my birthday -- but I had a scary few moments on the docks in Bristol many years ago -- I was working at the Bristol Industrial Museum at the time and was walking across the rail lines, something I had done for many months without thinking. Suddenly, I could feel myself being drawn to the water's edge as if by some elemental energy, was it because my marriage was going through a bad patch? Did I feel the urge to kill myself? 

 All I can tell you is it felt as though I was being pulled to the dock edge and into the water, like iron filings to a magnet.

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