Friday, 3 January 2014

From Jannine to Helmut

 This is the latest extract from my book "A Sailor's Love," to understand the story it is best to read the background to the story by getting . A lot has been going on since the end of part 1 of the story and the current word count is 34,000 words.

               Jannine shook her head to clear her mind and asked Helmut, “Where do you think the memories are pointing?”
            He held her tight as his sweaty body calmed from the shakes and replied, “I don’t know where or when they came from, all I know is the memories were vivid and scared me.”
            Jannine ran her hands through his wet and matted her as the tears filled her eyes, “Oh, my poor sweet man I wished I could help you but all I can do is be here for you to talk to, if you want.”
            Helmut’s strung and muscular body shook as she clung to him; her man was shaking like a scared child and she wouldn’t let go. Jannine’s deep maternal love for a man she didn’t know existed a few months ago had  grown so strong that she knew she needed to be here for him, even though he might refuse to admit the fact.
            His shaking body close to her, aroused deep sexual sensations in Jannine; these were not because she felt he had exposed a weakness she could exploit, but he had let her in to a new area of his life, an area he had previously locked her out for fear of her getting harmed by knowledge she may not be able to understand.
            He leant back in her soft arms and as the tears started to well, he said, “What I saw and felt was an unbelievable dark presence which devoured all light and its tendrils reached up the water’s edge to drag me down, the further I went, the colder my soul became until even my breath froze in my chest.”
            Jannine wept as she said, “I’m so sorry, love, I wish there was some way I was able to ease your pains, all I can do is let you know I love you and will be here whenever you need comforting.”
            He looked at her and replied, “Can I be open and totally honest, Jannine?”
            She gave a half smile and a stifled laugh as she replied, “Always.”
            Helmut sat up and got off the bed and then started pacing the shed, “There is no easy way to say this.”
            Jannine held his gaze and said, “I think I know what you are going to say, but go ahead and say it.”
            He kept a silent pace up, crossing and re-crossing his arms over his chest as he thought how to say what was on his mind, “Okay, here it is – I’m scared to go ahead with the plan – and not only because of the dream I had.”
            She rose from the bed and went to the window to look out at the raging seas and watch the birds fight against the strong winds, before she turned to him, she put the kettle on the boil for a new pot of coffee, “ I had a feeling that was coming, love, “ she replied, as she faced her lover.
            He went to the sink and turned the taps on to run the cold water as he washed his tear-stained face, “How long have you known?”
            The smile disappeared from her face as Jannine replied, “Since our chat with Angie. You tried to hide it from me, but as soon as she said she wanted to talk to you before you entered the cave, I felt a change in your grip – it was only slight – but it was there.”
            The couple started to hug for comfort, but the kettle whistled and Jannine returned to brew the coffee. A few minutes later she handed him a cup and took a seat on the bed next to him; silence ensued as neither of them knew what to say or what direction to go. The endless afternoon silence was broken by a dark figure banging on the window.

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