Monday, 6 January 2014

Ghosts of jazz

The idea for this story came from the days when I could travel. I used to go to local music festivals and one favourite of mine was the Cheltenham International jazz festival, this is the largest festival of its kind in the UK and the second most popular in Europe. 

 At the time of going to these festivities I was a member of the Cheltenham Jazz Society -- I don't play any instrument, sadly -- we used to meet once a month at various venues in the town to listen to UK artists and some of the local bands were very good. 

The main venues used for the festival are the town hall and the Everyman Theatre, across the road from the main halls is a tiny club and unless you know where to look it's easy to miss. One of the last gigs I saw there -- The Subtone -- was a collection of UK saxophone players and while I enjoy listening to the sweet sounds, two or three is the maximum a small group needs and in the group there were half a dozen -- all great players -- and that to me was too much of a good thing.

 The setting for the story is the club and all the magic of the jazz through the ages.

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