Sunday, 5 January 2014

Gateway to the subconsious


 You might not agree with some of the points in the post, but please remember these are only my views and neither a definitive opinion or a scientifically proven theory.

Does everybody dream? Yes.
Does everybody remember dreaming? No. 

Dreams are the escape valve from reality in my view and whether we remember them or not, in my opinion we all dream  -- I can remember some of my dreams  -- but not all of them.

Do we dream in colour? I do.
I can say without a doubt I dream in colour, unless I see a shape I recognise from life and my memory reminds me of its colour in life.

Can we die in our dreams? 
This is an unanswerable question. Many specialists hold the opinion that if you fall in a dream you will never hit the ground as he shock would kill you in the dream and so in life. From personal experience -- I can tell you I have fallen many times while running across roof tops in my dreams -- and never hit the ground.
 Last night's experience when I realised I had stopped breathing in my dream and woke to find I wasn't breathing in the real was both scary and shocking, had I not had the thought in the dream  -- what would have happened? -- Who knows?

 In my opinion there could be a way if a person could be put in a trance and the link between the physical and psychic world could be cut off temporarily, but this raises a question in itself. Does the psychic world need energy from the physical existence to exist? That is for greater minds than mine to ponder over -- however, it is interesting -- I almost took Psychology at College and a lot of my thought patterns revolve around challenging perceptions. Which probably explains why Chronicles didn't sell.

 Over the years I have had many recurring dreams, one such featured me trying to rescue a young lady from a bridge in a flood, in every dream at the point when she reaches out her hand and says her name, the water crushes the bridge and I never get to no her name. This dream recurred about once a month until I flew to Canada to meet my friend Faye and has not returned since. Faye always said the water was the Atlantic Ocean and knowing her name completed the dream link, maybe she was right.

 Another dream I used to have a lot referred to fire and smoke in a barn, the fire in the barn wasn't a threat and it took some time to find what I think caused the dream. I was working at the Art Gallery at the time and one of my favourite paintings was of a group of men taking barnacles of a boat, this involved braziers to burn the creatures off the hull -- hence the fire -- but no danger. The only bad after-effect from this dream was the taste of charcoal in my mouth and the smell of burning in my nose for hours.

Some dreams come in the form of a puzzle, like the dream I had where I was trying to get off a rocky outcrop by following a downward path -- yet the path returned me to the top of the outcrop every time -- even when I took some side paths.

One of the scariest dreams I had was the one where I went to sleep on a grassy bank and woke laying along a rock ledge with my arms and legs dangling down the sides.

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