Thursday, 2 May 2013

The origins and the lovers

She leant forward and hugged her friend, through the pain and tears she observed the man behind the brave public face; he was a tough seaman but now he found himself lost, lonely and afraid, yet she sensed something mysterious about him and had difficulty putting her finger on what was the puzzle. He is a fisherman but his voice and accent aren’t from Germany or Scandinavia, “Where had he come from?” She thought.
“I’ll go gently with you, you are a tough seaman but your body needs to heal properly and that means some TLC and no major straining doing too much work,” she said.
With a semi-serious look and a twinkle in her eye, Jannine said, “There are no buts in this discussion; do as I say or you will get punished,” she said ending the conversation by giving him a kiss, “now, let me get some ointment on those wounds; sea water is a kill or cure quick fix, but they do need to be treated.”
Helmut’s pain was clear for her to see as he gingerly eased the shirt of his strong arms. Muscles flexed and his tattooed torso moved with the grace of a panther, used to moving quickly and without hesitation, he stood and lowered his soaking trousers; releasing what he was doing he paused and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you, Jannine, it is force of habit. I’m not used to having the company of a young lady.”
The smile on her face told its own story, Jannine was not in the slightest bit embarrassed, she found herself looking forward to the feel of his strong body close to hers as they made love, “All in good time,” she thought.
He sat facing her as she started to rub the cream into the tired muscles of his arms, her eyes looking at the many tattoos on them. Some of the tattoos she recognised as regular seaman images such as mermaids and sailing ships, there were names there too but what caught her attention was the flag, “I know that flag! You’re Dutch, which explains why I had trouble trying to recognise your accent; the accent is similar to German but not as nasal.”
He smiled at her and with a deepening sadness in his tone, he said, “Yes, I’m from the Netherland, to be precise from a little village called Vollendam. The ship had gone on a routine fishing voyage when we got caught in a storm, with no way to get back to the coast and home; we had to run with the winds. We fought to keep her afloat as best we could, there were  many nights we went without sleep as we bailed like fury, but in the end fatigue overtook us and we had no option but to let her flow with the tides.”
She sensed his tenseness as she held him closer and ran her fingers over his bristly face, his beard had become matted and covered in sea salts and the skin had become hardened by the winds, but to Jannine this made his facial structure all the more exciting. A sailor from far away, in need of companionship and love and she wished she was the person to fulfil his needs, “Don’t worry, we’re taking this at your pace, remember. I love the way your body looked when you undressed, I hope we can become more than friends, or am I being too forward in saying that?”
Helmut moved closer to her and softly kissed her wet lips as he whispered, “No, you were not too forward, I would like us to be more than friends too. I need time to adjust to our new friendship though.”
Janine leant in to him and put her hand on his lap, noticing the twitch, she said, “I think somebody else wants us to be closer too,” then she winked and stroked his penis. The gentle rub made it harder and brought a smile to her lips as she licked her lips in anticipation of what may come in the weeks ahead, “let me rub in the ointment and we can cuddle up as I put some stew on; I know the stove worked but it may take a while to get going after the shut down and Mr. Carter, our butcher, gave me some old bones so I can make a thick broth to get your strength back.”
She was right, at first Helmut had a hard job getting the burners to light but after almost half a box of matches (and plenty of cursing) the burners turned on and the stove came to life casting shadows and a warm orangey glow around the small shack. Their wet trousers on the radiators began to steam as the heat flowed through the pipes again and Helmut for the first time he looked at Jannine in daylight. Her figure was lithe as a dancer’s and her long slender legs appeared strong; she caught him glancing at her and said with a smile, “Do you like what you see?” She slowly turned around so he could take his time watching and seeing how turned on she was getting, with her nipples getting hard and a moist patch on her red panties making it obvious to him, she wanted him and soon.
He smiled and replied, “What is there not to like? You are lovely; Ian was lucky to have such a sexy young lady love him.”
She turned for the last time and walked over to Helmut, her body moving like a bird in flight; graceful and enchanting, tossing her head back so her hair flowed like the water on a roof in a storm, she said, “Now I am yours, if you want me?”
Helmut took her gently in his arms and said, “You know I do, Jannine.” They stayed held together for minutes as each explored their new lover’s body for the first time, he ran his fingers over the outside of her panties and noticed how the lips open to his touch; at the same time Jannine ran her hand down the shaft of his penis and felt the power and beauty grow.

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