Sunday, 5 May 2013

Mark Johnson Returns

    Chronicles of Mark Johnson failed to grab your imagination (selling 4 copies in 8 months); Book 2 is still a mystery as it comes out next month and is better and more vividly actioned than book 1, which was the introduction to the series and the forth coming book 3 - Mark Johnson Returns is next in the series, beyond that is a mystery to me, as I am loathe to write stories which nobody wants.

Here is an excerpt from the prologue:-
  Rachel cried on Phil's shoulder as she thought of what her friend Mark was becoming; she knew Mark was travelling a dark and lonely road, along which there was no turnings. From here on he would be treading an ever increasingly dangerous path, but to where?
   Phil held her tight and whispered, "Do you think what happened at the Abbey was the end?"
  Mark turned slowly and replied, "No, this is the beginning of the end, for who I cannot say; all I can say is this is the start of a big battle between us. Defeating her physical presence at the Abbey was only the first part, next I have to rid her psychic presence in this realm."
 The couple looked at each other, then Rachel said, "What happens after you do that?"
 The car slowed and pulled off the road, P.A. sat with his head in his hands, he composed his thoughts carefully as he knew what he was about to say Mark knew, but the others didn't want to know; turning to Mark he said, "Do you want to tell them or shall I?"
 Without a moment's hesitation, Mark replied, "In your time, Prof, you are the expert; I am only the guy doing the work."
  P.A. paused, "What you are about to hear, you won't like but this is what Mark must do. To rid himself of Annette's presence he must take the battle to her and beat her in her realm of darkness."
 Visibly shaking with fear, Rachel said through tears, "Can he do it?"


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