Thursday, 24 January 2013

I am a good writer!

 Before you start saying. Is he just being arrogant as a desperate sales measure? 
  Please read the article below. This is about the stories and is not a cheap sales pitch.

While writing Did we see him? I got so involved in the story, that the creatures in the jungles and the hunt for the souls of the dead took over my mind and gave me bad dreams.

 While writing both Hunted Down and re-writing it for the multi-buy, I was so engrosses in the story, I was giving myself the shivers writing about the weird things happening and had to take regular breaks to ease my mind. In the end I had to curtail my imagination as I was close to crossing into the Chronicles zone, when the stories were based in the 1940's.

  Writing the second series of Chronicles was really harrowing for me, friends who knew me at the time were really concerned that my mental state was going downhill rapidly. This series was my way of purging myself of a bad time and this all came through the writing. I was so involved that again I was getting bad dreams.

All the time, you have to remember that I knew what was coming.
Imagine what it will be like for you.

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