Friday, 25 May 2018

There goes the Summer

The vagrancies of UK weather.
I can understand why Sweden has such a high suicide rate.
Here I am, it's not even 09:00 and it is dark enough in my room to put the light on to type.
I find it hard to believe that next month is the longest day of the year, we've had fewer days of sun this year than last year, and they're almost over.
The weather today feels more like late October than May, no wonder I never listened to the BBC weather forecast, they have little idea what they are talking about, despite the vast amount of money poured into their coffers.
I can understand why farmers commit suicide too, we use this month's overdraft to pay off last month's debts, in the beginning, you believe it will end, but as the years pass you realize it is an endless cycle.
Don't worry, for now, I have no plans to kill myself even if I go offline at the end of the month.

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