Thursday, 24 August 2017

Cheltenham revisited

It's been too long
Yesterday, I challenged myself. The reason for the challenge is since my accident seven years ago, I have not been on a train. Part of the time away from traveling was the injury to my ankle worried me that my ankle would not stand the strain of getting on and off the carriages. As much as that concern was the image I saw on a video of a lady falling under a train, true, she was drunk, but the fall could have been me if my ankle gave way.
For all the time away, I wished I could revisit #Cheltenham. I used to go there at least once a month to give me something to look forward to and to give the family a break from the rows between my stepson and me.
When I set out, I had no plans to go to Cheltenham yesterday.; I just needed some space from my stepson. My intention was to explore a local area – #Knowle – while I as in Knowle a bus came to go to the city centre,. For some reason, I know why I decided at that moment to get off the bus at Temple Meads staiton and visit Cheltenham.
I have always enjoyed my visits to Cheltenham and yesterday was no different. If I had a disappointment, it is because all the side streets are now dominated by multiplex combos, not the #charity shops I recalled. It is nine years since I was last there, and things need to change with the times, Que’ Sera.
I had plans to stay out as long as I could, so my late return was heralded by some beautiful deep red skies. After four days heavy walking, my “good” ankle is still aching from the exertions and going out so often only shortens the time before I’ll need a wheelchair.

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