Saturday, 22 July 2017

Ghosts of Masada

The sequel
This is the beginning of the sequel to A Homecoming and
Jehoiakim woke from a disturbed night - one more in a series - he couldn't recall the last time he'd slept well; his tendon injury made sleep difficult, and his mind was racing about the story he had in mind about the events at Masada.

The sun rose across the bay, but he felt no warmth in his bones, too many sleepless nights left him drained and cold despite the desert heat.
He got up from his bed, and getting dressed as he walked to the kitchen, he fumbled in his trouser pockets to locate the change before he put the kettle on for his morning coffee. "Was it only a day or two since Adriana returned to Haifa?" he thought. “It seemed like weeks. I miss her so much, I know she's got her job and now is a respite she needs but I'd like to see her again."
He was roused from his longing for Adriana by the whistle of the kettle, while he poured the water into his coffee, Jehoiakim wondered about the things he'd seen - or thought he'd seen at Masada - did he see ghosts, or did he want to see ghosts?
The journalistic historian in him wanted to know what happened at the site, did he see shapes in the dark areas of the fort, or did his inquisitive mind create the images?

He opened the doors to the balcony and took his drink out to the table where he worked; watching the sun rise over the Red Sea made him wonder what his friend, Mark would think. He knew what Hannah would think if he told her, and he knew what her reply would be "Only you can answer your question, you are the person who thinks they saw shapes; maybe you did, who is to say?"He was lost in his thoughts when his phone rang to bring his mind back to the world of the living.
He glanced at the number, and said,"Hi, Adrianna, I was thinking about you. How was your journey back?"
Adrianna replied "The flight to Bucharest was rough, we hit a lot of turbulence; but once we climbed out of the clouds the trip wasn't too bad, thank you. I got back to Haifa this morning, and I was wondering have you made plans for the week?"
He smiled, and replied, "Not so far. I was thinking about what I think I saw at Masada, and how to write the story for Abir. I'm waiting on a call from him to tell me how my last piece went with the publishers."
Adrianna replied by commenting, "If Abir is as good an editor as he is a judge of people, he'll be asking you for further articles on the subject; don't worry about the writing. The reason I rang, other to tell you I was back safe was to ask if you're free to come up here next weekend; I can't make it this weekend as I have a meeting with my doctor on Friday and my editor on Saturday."

Jehoiakim replied, "Next week is good for me, I have some things to sort out at this end for my article, and Mark wants to spend some time with me to talk about my sister's death. I'll phone you when I get a clearer idea of what my plans are. I look forward to seeing you again. I miss your company more each day."
Adriana smiled, and replied, "I am the same, I wish we didn't need to be apart so much. I long to be with you."
"Kol Tuv, until we meet again, be well," Jehoiakim commented as he put the phone down.

Jehoiakim turned back to the room after he put the phone down and looking at the sea, he muttered, "I'm sorry I wasn't here for you, Anna, when you needed me. Please forgive me."
He sat quietly on the bed watching as the sea splashed on the shore outside, “I still haven’t found a reason why I felt the need to come home this year,” he pondered as he thought about having a cup of tea, rather than coffee.  His mind began to retrace his thoughts about the Masada journey. He was tired, and thirsty “could that have caused me to see the shadowy images?” As a writer, he knew that there are times when people see what they want to look at, not what is there, but what did he hope to find at the fort?

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