Sunday, 23 July 2017

Enough is enough

No more for sale

This month, I decided not to put more books for sale.
Without the help of Draft2Digital
this course of action would have happened years ago. 
My final act of putting a book for sale on  Smashwords appears to be what it is, the act of a desperate writer.
When I started, my goal was to sell ten copies of one e-book in a day, with the mighty site of Amazon, there was some hope, this hope soon died. Despite the huge sales for the series, not even the mighty Forgestriker could sell ten copies in one week. The final honours of the most sales in a day (6) and a week(7) remain with my Amazon bestseller - the vampire story - Holding Richmond.

If I'd wanted to go out at the top, I should have taken this action two years ago when I had back-to-back months of 20 sales, and the opportunity of a three-peat. Instead, I am going out at the bottom with a month that has sold less than a third of the nearest month for sales.
If I write, my work will be on either this blog, my blog at Weebly, or on  Writing World

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