Friday, 28 July 2017

Being a writer isn't the worst job

Being a photographer is the bottom
 It is well known that the majority of my book covers are taken from pictures I have shot, the reason for this is I can't afford the expense of a nice cover.

  For years, my late father told me I was a good photographer - a great compliment - as in his eyes I could not do anything.

 At one time I did think about becoming a photographer, I even started a course. The problem is to become successful you need to find somewhere that has no photographer. 

 As most villages have a regular photographer, you are required to set up shop for five years to attempt to establish your business, the next five years are for you to break even - if possible - only then can you consider making your work pay.

 In the meantime, what are you living off for the first ten years?

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