Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Another series of costly errors

Money, money, money

Three months ago, I paid for the annual subscription to the editing site Grammarly, at the time I knew it was a huge risk though the site is worth the $140 fee, the $11.50 monthly cost is way more than I make  #writing
  When I took out the subscription I hoped buying a book cover would encourage enough sales to convince me to continue, and therefore cover the outlay - it didn't - this brings me to my second costly mistake, which will be my final act as a #writer.

 In the hope that a bought cover would encourage sales for my  #ebooks, I paid $70 for a cover. While the cover is worth the money, I doubt very much if I will make enough to cover my part of the outlay $20 (the rest of the cost came from donations).

 I have enjoyed being a writer, but it never proved more than a very expensive project, even with the success of my  #ScienceFiction  series

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