Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Amport House

Andover, Hampshire
My friends tell me that I am very empathetic and perhaps I should have been a minister or a care worker. I wonder if this is why I was sent to Amport House when I was in the Royal Air Force. I thought it was because my stories had scared people who cared about my mental health. Even at the age of 18, my stories were so good they could cause people to worry about me. One such story happened during my time at RAF Cosford, it was a Sunday and having nothing to do, I decided to go to Wolverhampton for the day.

Nobody in the room was awake when I got back from breakfast, so I walked to the nearest rail station as I arrived the train left, being riled I sat down and wrote a comical suicide note - not thinking anyone would read it - when I got back to the room in the evening there was a great relief as my friends hadn't seen me leave but had found the note I left; they thought I'd killed myself.

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