Sunday, 23 April 2017

Added costs of publicity

What the buyer doesn't take into consideration
I've said at each turn, that being an Indie writer I need to weigh outgoings against the possible income - that's why until last week I'd never bought a cover.

My luxury item

 I knew in my heart when I bought this cover than it would probably not pay for itself this year - if at all - but I wanted at least one nice cover in my stock.

  Even though I only put up half the money - the rest came from my failed GoFundMe appeal - I still need to sell ten copies of the book to cover MY costs.

 You'd think with eight sales platforms onDraft2Digital, the various aspects of Smashwords and the mighty site at Amazon that selling a measly ten copies would be easy, but no book outside the Forgestriker series has sold even five copies in over three years on Draft2Digital.

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