Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The seven year itch

I want to be alone
The immortal quote from Greta Garbo exemplifies how I feel about my writing.

I've been asked to write a semi-biographical piece on my time as a writer. My hopes and dreams against the reality of seven years of struggle to make enough to pay for a cup of coffee a week.

  I hoped that I'd  be able to make a little money from story telling, as I'd been told by many people that I am good at it.

 You write for weeks, and if you see $1 a week, you ARE doing well. Oh, people will read blogs because they are FREE. You soon learn blog readers do NOT mean sales.

  I knew the time I put into writing the stories would never pay off. In the beginning I didn't mind as I thought people cared; now I know differently and I don't care about the standard of my work from now on, as my rep is worth $0.10c a day.

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