Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Best Furry Friend
 I realise that as a writer, I could do more writing but does it matter?

 Two years ago, I spent three or four hours a day writing myromance,and to what end?  The book has never sold - despite several friends of a friend saying they'd buy a copy.

 That wasn't the only time I'd devoted many months to my craft for nothing, my award winning e-book suffered the same fate.

 What matters most to me now is that my #BFF (Best Furry Friend), Max, knows I am here for him as he doesn't have long to live, and our Daddy'Woofle time is precious.

 I know I should get up a lot sooner than I do but I value what little time I have left with Max, for more than spending the time writing in the hope people I don't know may buy months of work for a few cents.

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