Monday, 13 February 2017

To be returned

Medal of Dishonor

Many years ago, I was awarded the General Service Medal for a tour of duty in Ireland, during The Troubles.

Since that day, I have vehemently opposed the decision because I feel I did nothing to earn the medal. Our base was over 15 miles from the action.

The government of the UK has taken upon itself to charge soldiers who killed terrorists with murder, while IRA supporters such as Jeremy Corbyn sit in judgment of the soldiers.

It is because of this policy that I am looking for ways to return the medal. I cannot support a government that puts immigrants needs ahead of the needs of its people. 
While we have homeless ex-soldiers begging for crumbs, these foreigners have done nothing for the country, and are probably never going to, should be sent back - Foreign Aid should be halted until we can look after our own people.

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