Sunday, 29 January 2017

Donald Trump

The man for the job

I realize this won't please the growing Anti-Trump lobby, but in my opinion, Donald Trump will be hailed as a savior, why?

After eight years of Hussein ObamaIsrael was facing her worst threat, the threat of another four years of the same under Killary Clinton - I wonder if they're related to the Clintons who died at the OK Corral?

It is my opinion that if HRC had won, the world WOULD be facing the prospect of a nuclear war within her tenure as POTUS.

For the first time, the USA Russia are fighting the same enemy, one funded by the Obama/Clinton partnership.

I cannot believe that there is such Anti-Israeli sentiment in the USA, this only goes to prove the evil that Muslims do.
While the HAMAS supporters in the USA (because that IS what the Anti-Trump lobby is) fight to regain control.

American would do well to remember this, we are no longer in the era of Woodrow Wilson, being thousands of miles from Europe no longer means you can stick your head in the sand and pretend it won't happen to you or have you forgotten 9/11 because I haven't?

It is lovely to be in the USA, and say Mr. Trump is an Anti-Christ and evil that should be eradicated. Your women aren't being raped by Muslim gangs, your cities aren't being turned into festering dumps by illegal immigrants, and your Law isn't protecting these vile criminals as the law here does. 

The common excuse used by these rats is "I was feeling randy as I hadn't had sex for months," try telling that to a 10-year old boy whose life is wrecked by these vermin.

If you think Harlem is bad, you ain't seen nothing baby, over here once beautiful cities are now full of no-go zones where emergency personnel needs armed escorts to perform their duties.

I will end by saying I am NOT 100% for Donald's policies, but he's far better than another four years of ISIS support from the USA.

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