Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Don Quixote

Media bias
On the last writing site, I was on, I had the rep as being like Don Quixote and taking on massive battles, some I won, others I lost.

That is how some friends would view my position at the moment, as I assume the task of informing people of the lies behind the media bias against Israel

There is so much misinformation about Israel when I read some of the things in print, I think I am reading fiction.
With the collapse of my GoFundMe project, several people have asked me to inform them of the truth behind the lies in the media. 
I am no expert, but I do read the Jewish papers and magazines online, so I get a better view than the media portrays of Israel.

The biggest lie is that Israel is the antagonist in the area - really? - that is BS than a field of bulls with diarrhea.
Disregarding religious beliefs and biased reporting, you can see the lies behind the stories in the Atlas, why would the smallest nation in the area wish to attack countries with a bigger population and more firepower?
Even the PA admit the Palestinians have created nothing but wars.
Other people could view my stance as David versus Goliath.

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