Sunday, 8 January 2017

A living curse

Long life
Longevity is a thing most people would desire, but not me.

 I was plagued by inherited genetic flaws and combined with long life, the future doesn't look good for me.

 I am breaking with my credo and starting to drink beer, something I haven't done since I left the RAF

 With no sales and suffering from depression, I need something to keep me going - or do I?


  1. The gloom you've found yourself in is a terrible place to be. I hope you find a way to pull yourself out of it.

    You've worked at this for a long time, you have a right to be frustrated - but nothing can stop you from getting up and trying again. I sincerely hope everything goes well for you.

    1. Barring winning a lottery, which I don't do, I see no opportunity to break the gloom.