Monday, 21 November 2016

Slovakians welcome

My spreading readership
The good thing about my Google blog is that it doesn't only show my most read posts, but where they get read.

Yesterday's newest readers came from the Republic of Slovakia. To people who are not sure - that included me - the Slovak Republic until 1997 was the Southern part of Czechoslovakia. 

I am not surprised that my blog is getting read in Slovakia, one of the reasons is for many years I have had a solid following from states that used to be in the Eastern Bloc.

I have been asked about this following many times as some interviewers cannot understand why I have this following. To me, there is no puzzle, and the answer is easy. I find it simpler to write characters like Harry Palmer than James Bond. I feel an affinity with the old Soviet countries - I'm not a Communist - I visited Russia when I was in school, and the trip left an indelible mark on my soul.
I never had a lot of money, so the world of the underdog like Harry, is easier for me to relate to, that is why my stories are liked so much in the former Eastern bloc.

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