Thursday, 10 November 2016

It's gone

In the final countdown
In the end, nothing mattered, I was beaten not only by a lack of sales for my work but by my desire to prove to myself that I was worth something. 

Other than Forgestriker - nothing has sold - I am exceptionally grateful for the sales of the series as they kept my spirits up, until this month. 

The time has come after eight years to lay my pen down and stop trying to convince myself that I am a writer. If my sales had been spread over my selection, I could have believed more in my ability.

For the last few months, the only writing I have done is on this blog. I keep trying to do more, but each time I start a story, I think why waste more time?
It's easier to convince myself that the time isn't worth the effort than it is to believe in my ability as a writer.

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