Thursday, 3 November 2016

A big risk

A second referendum
So, the #RemainInEU got their wish for a second vote.

They are relying on the voters who voted to stay in the sinking EU to vote for again,  and hoping that Project Fear will scare some of the borderline voters to sway the vote back.
As with all things, this could work, there again it has a bad habit of backfiring on you - ask Ed Milliband - the former Labour leader was counting on the SNP to back Labour in Scotland. What happened was Labour's nightmare, not only did the SNP not back Labour, the Pro-SNP movement cost Labour valuable;e seats and he lost the election and his job as leader.

You need to remember that holding a second vote so close to the first is a suicidal ploy unless things have gone from bad to worse. In the case of Brexit, the UK has never seen such good things for generations. In this scenario, a second vote is doomed because people keep reading about trade deals and trade growth, despite the media bias for staying in the EU.

Nicola Sturgeon should take this fact into consideration, given the press coverage of the SNP, in recent months there has been a stream of reports, including the Scottish papers exposing the fact that the party is no more than a bunch of thieves determined to drive the country into destitution.
Along with the misuse of public funds, Ms Sturgeon spent thousands of pounds on a private golf tournament, while her constituency has the highest crime rate in Scotland.

The clarion call is, if you want the second vote, are you sure of the result of the first one? 
Of course, there is always the possibility of a third vote, as the PM - Theresa May - said, "If you didn't get the vote you want in the first referendum, what makes you think the second will be better?"

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