Sunday, 9 October 2016

Putin's world

The Middle East
Unlike the press in the UK, I am not concerned about Russian planes in UK airspace. This practice has been going on since my days in the RAF (1974); we used to send out Hercules from Lossiemouth, and Phantoms from Kinloss to check what was going on. 

My concerns are more about the Middle East situation, read what is happening from an Isreali view on Israel Today. I have always thought the unstable Middle East is more of a threat than Russia. These military exercises have been going on and will go on, for years. If JFK couldn't cause a war over Cuba, I think we are safe from Russia.

When I wrote this article, I had the idea of cleansing Europe, not a world war. 

Angela Merkel's legacy will be destroying Europe, not to be outdone Obama went further.

President Obama's legacy could be as the man who caused world war 3

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