Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Will there be more?

Mark Johnson's alter ego
What would turn a mild-mannered man into a crazed killer with a vengeance roaming the darkness of the soul, and out of control? 
Read the sequel to the award-winning Chronicles of Mark Johnson and find the answer - if you dare.

 I have re-released book 2 in the Chronicles of Mark Johnson series; the book should be back on sale onAmazon and Draft2Digital for the weekend. 

  My original plan was for a four-book series, with a possible crossover with the Pat Canella series, but nothing came of the plan as neither series took off.

  I laugh when I think back, I was concerned the series would be so popular I'd be asked questions I couldn't answer.  The only issue I ask now is why did I think the series would be a success?

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