Wednesday, 21 September 2016


All things have their time
In the last year, my life has taken radical changes.

At one time I couldn't stay in bed later than 09:00, even when I was ill - now I sometimes sleep the clock round. 

It's hard to imagine, but three years ago I was a writing demon, known for producing masses of quality sci-fi stories. I was able to write up to 10,000 words a week - now I hardly I write - the lack of work should bother me, but it doesn't.

                      What caused the change?
  I woke up one day and realised, for the time and effort I put into a story, what I get back isn't worth worrying about, so I slowed down to the point I stopped caring about whether I wrote or not.

If I had more, sales and a greater variety of e-books selling. I may be able to convince myself that I am the best-seller my friends think I am.

But, isn't that always the case. Over the years, I have read many times, people asking where they can get my e-books? 

In the end, when nothing happens, you read the question so often that you don't believe what is asked.

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