Sunday, 11 September 2016

In remembrance

A strange night
I will always remember 9/11, not only for the terrible things that the day held but for how I saw the disaster unfold. 

I'd fallen asleep on my bed and woke with the lights on. When I saw the early images, my original thought was the BBC were showing the film The Medusa Touch. At the end of the movie, Richard Burton's character crashes a plane into a nuclear power plant to prove his total lack of belief in humankind.

Then, the reality struck, this wasn't a film at all - it was happening. I couldn't believe what I saw; I cried for hours after seeing the carnage and having seen victims of air crashes during my RAF days, I could imagine the horrors in the Twin Towers.

I can tell you, once you've seen burned bodies; try as you want, you can't unsee them.

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