Wednesday, 14 September 2016

House of Lords

An archaic waste of money

Like many of the population, I think the time has come to rid the #UK of this archaic and expensive establishment. The members are not elected by the people and are no more than a friends club at the expense of the country. A country they now plan to tie to the German economic disaster forever.

Here is something to consider. If the #HouseOfLords overturns #Bexit, who is going to stop the bloodshed? The racial violence we see now will be nothing to what will happen Rivers of Blood will flowYou can't expect the people to fight this action as the majority voted to Police can't cope with the violence the Muslims are committing now, and won't back these criminals against the public. The Armed Forces 'The Best' have been cut back so radically, I doubt they'll back fighting the population. If this does happen, may as well be admitted to the Lords, as Scotland's Angela Merkel will succeed in tieing the UK to the German economic failure forever. The German banks have conceded it will take over 1,000 years to repair the damage Angela Merkel has done to their country.

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