Thursday, 25 August 2016


Will Scotland see the truth behind the lies?

Independence is an excellent idea, but to be independent you need to be able to support yourself and Scotland isn't that fortunate.

The SNP appears to be hell-bent on wrecking their country; this is nothing to be surprised at from a bunch of egotists with no common sense. 

 Independence means being able to support yourself. The basis for the drive was the promise of another oil boom like the 1970's The oil boom won't happen, and with Nicola Sturgeon determined to stay in the EU against the wishes of her countrymen. If there were a boom, the oil would probably go to Norway, as Norway is closer to the oil than Scotland.

 The reason Scotland got the oil is because there is a chasm between the oil field and Norway. 

Ms. Sturgeon's constituency is recognised as "The Shame of Scotland,"

 Her colleagues have continually lied to the public about the finances The Scotsman is a Scottish magazine, and even they say Scotland won't survive Independence

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