Wednesday, 24 August 2016

In Scotland

Spirits of the past

 I spent half of the day looking in the wrong area for an RAF ghost, today.  The confusion came from knowing the station in mind started with "M."

 My initial search was for,  this station is on the East coast, near Glasgow. I found out my search should have been for RAF Montrose, near Dundee The Montrose ghost is the ghost of the first aviator to die during#WW1

 Although my ghost stories are of #WW2, I wrote two ghost stories about the air war in Europe. The Lost Years is about the ghost of a pilot trapped in his plane; the spirit can't be freed because the body is yet to be recovered.

Amelia is the story of a nurse who left her home after her boyfriend died in a plane crash, and whose spirit is trapped in the rubble of bombed hospital.

 In another Scottish ghost story, the ghost of a scorned lover returns to bring justice for her family in Janie's return

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