Monday, 4 January 2016

Back to work

I can't recall the last time I stopped thinking of a story
Despite the popular theory that I am a best seller, I rarely stop writing or thinking of a story line. 

My best friend will tell you, three years ago this drive almost caused me to have a mental breakdown. 

I was pushing myself too long and too hard, and for what?
This was the time I was in the darkness and wrote the sequel to my award winner Chronicles of Mark Johnson

Wharfemere Finale is described as a realistic account of a man going through a mental breakdown, the reason is because I was going through the stages. At the time of writing the sequel, my friend thought I was going to kill her hero - Mark Johnson - in retrospect perhaps I should have done that as neither book has sold. 

When I started the book, I was going to take out my anger at an incident in my life through my story. What happened was that despite my burning desire to write a vengeful death story, I sat for hours looking at a blank screen, unable to type a word. Was something stopping me from writing in that mood?

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