Sunday, 27 December 2015

The Age of Legends

The church that was taken by the sea
An English Legend

There is a story about a church that once was on the coast, but sank into the sea. The legend says that if England needs a hero, the bells will ring three times. 

I don't know which church it is; it could be one of the ones in @Dunwich#Suffolk as the village was retaken by coastal erosion. 

 If ever the bells were needed to call a hero - now is the time - with the rising threat of a Muslim takeover and the criminal element from the #EU committing crimes and walking free. 

 England needs to return to the good days if not quite the era of #JohnBetjamin

It's amazing what we take for granted; years ago, I visited Bridgnorth Folk Festival I'd got so used to seeing coloured people that it took me three days to realise I hadn't seen one. That was about ten years ago, even then one thing that made a big impact was the manners of the people, they apologised if they bumped into you - they didn't expect you to apologise for not getting out of their way.

Bridgnorth is the village I used as the setting for my #zombie story Zombiewatch

On the last day, I found a painting I would have loved to have bought. The painting was of a #WW1 soldier of the #EastYorkshireRegiment This is the regiment my late grandfather was in during the war.

I wrote a tribute to my grandfather and all the people who either never returned, or whose lives were changed beyond recognition in my story From Elgar to Vaughan Williams

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