Sunday, 6 December 2015

Power of the Masonic Cult

Bristol City Museum 
Until tonight, the thought had never entered my mind. 

While I worked at Bristol City Museums & Art Galleries, I was in line for a promotion to be in charge of the museum at I am not saying it was a sure thing, but most of the staff thought I was a "shoe-in," as the Americans say. In the end, I didn't get the job, or the relief Security Officer I applied for either. 

At the time of the application for the jobs, I had been working in St. Nicholas Church Museum for two years and knew the workings from sales to changing the time on the clock tower. Everyone in the staff expected it to be a formality for me to take over from my friend when he retired. When I didn't - nobody believed it had happened.

The man who got the job had never worked in the museum and got the job because his wife baked the curator a cake. These incidents turned me against the museum bosses - who were by this time ex-police and Masons. 

Over the years, I put the loss down to the fact the men who got the jobs were back-stabbing weasels who "kissed ass." I am sure that part is correct - I know one was a Mason - but tonight another aspect has come to mind. One I had not considered until now.

The Big CoverUp
A year earlier I was instrumental in bringing to the notice of a curator, a crime. The crime was never solved because it involved Freemasons  I wonder how much influence was put to stopping my promotion? 

The truth
 The thing they did find out about me - which they should have known - I can't be bought off and won't hide the truth. After all, what is the responsibility of a Museum Security Officer, if not to protect the items in his charge?

After I got turned down, I was watched like a hawk watches a rabbit. The Masons knew what they'd done and became extra careful in my presence knowing I wouldn't trust any of them.

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