Friday, 25 December 2015

I am a vagrant journalist


1960's America
The term Vagrant Journalist was coined by the writer Hunter S. Thompson to describe the journalists who populate the periodicals in the hope of getting a break. 

This story is set in the pre-Lyndon Johnson era, in San Juan at the time Fidel Castro was throwing Americans and other non-Cubans out of the Cuba. Not long after this time, JFK almost took the world to war over the Bay of Pigs incident, this could have been a reason for his assassination

Popular as his public persona was, his political stances were becoming a security risk to the USA, something had to be done before he brought the world to an end. Who killed JFK? We'll never know for certain

Mr. Thompson is known for his book about the pre-Nixon era A book that is written in a style called Gonzo Journalism, a style he not only created but mastered. In this style of writing, the writer put himself in the story and mixes fact and fiction to bring his story to life.

Like many #indie writers, I am hoping for a break. I doubt it will happen as the big six publishing houses still control the presses, even if more writers are breaking away every year.

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