Thursday, 17 December 2015

Battle of the Bulge

The US help to clean up another French failure
In the Ardennes

 Many of the people who are eager to attack the US military involvement in world affairs have no idea who is really at fault.

Winter 1944
In a final push to gain ground, the German forces attacked the Allied flank via Belgium, during one of the harshest winters of the century US troops fought back many German raids, in the course of which over 90,000 US lives were lost.

French never learn
 The reason for the action was the French said the Germans couldn't mount an armoured attack through the forests - tell that to the families who mourn their losses this week. 

 The French made the same mistake in #WW1 with the Maginot line. Before you attack US involvement, think where we'd be without it. Many American lives were lost in Europe, fighting a war that they could easily have opted out of joining. 

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