Monday, 14 December 2015

A growing European interest

French influences
I have never been to France, but I've been through France. The trips took place in the year before I got married. 

In the last two days, most of the blog readers have been French.

 I was left with two lasting images, one beautiful and the other tragic. 

On the outward journey, we passed through Rouen, a city known worldwide for its wonderful cathedral and its stained glass windows.

You cannot imagine the beauty of the windows until you see the light filtering through onto the floor below you. 

From the glories of man in building such wonders that last centuries, I go to the frailty of the life of men in battle. On the return journey, we stopped off at Verdun, this is now Canadian territory after Canadian engineers captured the vital position in #WW1

In this hi-tech world of bombing from above the clouds, planes that can beat radar and bombs that kill people but leave buildings standing. I was so moved to stand in trenches where men could see the people they killed, I wrote my tribute to my late grandfather, and to the Lost Generation

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