Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Why should I care?

Sex on the menu
Until now
 Until now, I have tried to avoid writing sex stories, not that I can't write them, I was attempting to build a reputation as an original writer. Now, I don't care - if they sell, write them.

 Some will ask, won't this tarnish your reputation? To these people, I will reply - what reputation? My reputation is based on the sales of one book in a seven book series - hardly anything to cause me to worry.

 Will people ask for my change in direction affecting my sales figures? I reply - what sales? My sales are based on the sales of the same book as my reputation - one good book in over 35 - nothing to worry over.

I am not concerned that this style of writing is as far from what I sought as can be expected. If it sells, it sells, and I can deal with the bad taste in my mouth and the hollow feeling I get with some whiskey.

I am an entertainer and as such I must give the crowd what it likes - in this case, sex stories, not necessarily romances. 

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