Saturday, 21 November 2015

what made my stories popular

Styling the thrust
I put the success of the early e-books in my series Forgestriker down to my high-action style of writing. 

I say, "I wrote my stories like Mickey Spillane, not Jane Austen" - please don't misunderstand me, I have masses of admiration for Ms. Austen's work but it isn't my style. 

I have the tendency to write action stories, with action all the way - hence the short stories - there is some detail, only what I feel is relevant.

The same goes for language content; I don't use profanity for its sake. If it's in the story, I feel it suits the mood of the story; men under stress and pressure swear when things go wrong, it would be wrong not to include some swearing during intense situations.

 One thing I can do, I have been told it heightens the tension, is to get into the character of the story. I find it easy to think myself into the story and write as if I was the lead character. 

That is the reason when a story fails, I feel so hurt, I feel I let my characters down.

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